Yolanda and Barsin

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How We Met

Barsin and I met when we were in grade 9. He went to an all boys school, and I went to an all girl’s school. His best friends were dating my best friends, and one of them, Rob told me that he knew someone who I may be interested in. So I asked for a photo, and that’s when he showed me barsin. I wasn’t as interested, but we exchanged emails and started to casually talk on MSN. Although barsin and I were chatting, he did ask me to my grade 9 dance where I said to him I wasn’t going to go. It was a lie indeed, since I went with my best friends and didn’t think barsin would show up to the dance with his bestfriends,but he did. It was so awkward, we didn’t speak. Fast forward 4 years later I’m at the end of grade 12. My best friends and barsins best friends broke up shortly after grade 9 and I never had much connection to barsin throughout the years. I was also coming out of another relationship. One day I was on Facebook and noticed barsin had updated his photo, which caught my eye. I wanted to ask him how things were, so I messaged him saying “Long time no talk” and we started talking, alot! I would be on my phone during class, I would be up late at night just talking to him. Then it was time for the grade 12s to go on a graduation trip where then I asked him if he was going to Montreal with his school. he told me he was and then he asked me if I was going. I said yes. I asked him what hotel he was staying yet and he told me it was down the street from where my school booked my hotel. For the first few days and nights, barsin would ask me to hang out and I would always decline. then one of the last night’s I asked him if he wanted to hang out and he said sure. So that night, we met in front of his hotel, and we went to go play beer pong with all of his friends and my friends in his hotel room. when barsin and I looked at each other I almost knew that he was the one I could not get my eyes off of him at all. He had the same look and it was truly, love at first sight. Thus, we were bo inseparable, and all day and all night we were just having so much fun hanging out with each other, and getting to know each other. On the way back home From the graduation trip I could not stop thinking about him. I messaged him when we got home and said if you wanted to hang out that day and he said sure. We started talking more and then it became time for prom. Barsin at that time was going to prom with someone else from a different school and I said that it is okay although I would wish he went to prom with me. then we went for a walk by the lake and he said he had to make a phone call, so I continued walking and I gave him his space while he made this phone call. When he was done, he told me that he told the girl he was not going to prom with her and rather come to prom with me. so we went to my prom and it was great, we sat on a stairwell and talked the whole night. Then we went up to a prom cottage and that’s where on June 7th 2010 he asked me if I wanted to be his girlfriend.

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How They Asked

It was in our plans to get engaged in 2019 and believe me, from April until the night of I have been bugging him about it. Often we would argue over it, as my patience began to run thin! The week of my 27th birthday I remember being so upset that by 27 I thought I would be engaged, but I wasn’t. So as part of my birthday celebrations, I hosted a joint birthday with my sister’s boyfriend which involved all our friends and family. The night before the party, Barsin and I got into an argument (which was a part of his plan to take me off my guard). On Saturday during the party, my friend Marteina asked me to speak to her in private in the basement because something was wrong. So I go to the basement and she starts to ask if things are fine with barsin and I and that he shouldn’t have argued with me before the party. After we spoke, I told her let’s go back to the party. So we go upstairs and before I turn into the kitchen, she says she wants to show me her birthday gift to me in the car, but it’s a surprise so I have to put on blindfolds. I believed it because she kept telling me she ordered a huge gift for me throughout the week. So I went outside blindfolded and her and my sister walked me down the driveway to across the street. I live infront of a church, so when I walked on the church grass, she took off the blindfold and I saw barsin standing there, holding a box and a bouquet with marquee lights saying “Marry me”. There was a trail of roses and candles and all my friends and family were surrounding us. I was crying so much I couldn’t walk over, and then he grabbed my hand and Led me to the heart and told me that after 10 years, he loved me so much and wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. Before he asked, I kept crying “yes”. Then on a bended knee, he asked me if I wanted to marry him. I said yes!

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Yolanda and Barsin's Engagement in At a church

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