Yogini and Jeet

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Central Park- NYC

How We Met

On December 3, 2016, Jeet and I met for our first date. A mutual family friend of ours claimed we both should meet and we both are perfect for each other. At the time, I (yogi) was not really looking to date. I was very much excited at the prospect of my career taking me places (literally!). I wanted to be someone, know myself before I started dating someone. Well, come 12/3 I was getting ready, having cold feet and anxious butterflies. This was the first time going on a date that I had not done my research on the suitor on the other side of the table. I wanted to be surprised.

We both showed up at Positano’s in Wayne right on time for lunch. Jeet was nervous. At first glance, I loved his smile. There was so much emotion in his eyes. Little did I know, I was falling for him. We started talking, and we ended up staying an additional 3 hours after we finished our meal just sitting there and talking. Talking to him seemed so effortless and natural and we didn’t even realize that time was flying us by. From then on, it was a whirlwind of multiple dates, dinners, movies. A couple weeks into dating, He had left to India to celebrate his cousins wedding. I thought, “Well, he’s more than half way across the world right now in a different time zone, with a 10 and a half hour difference, there is no way he’s going to make an effort to talk to me” And boy was I wrong!! We continued to speak while he was there often times forsaking hours of sleep. There was something there and at that time we may have not known then, but we sure do now.

how they asked

On 11/8/2017 Jeet decided to move up his surprise proposal. The date he had originally picked, turned out it was going to rain that day. Over the course of the last year, my now fiancé learned a lot about me– like how I will never say no to a slice of pizza and the more hipster the lunch spot, the more likely I am to go there and that I simply adore autumn and the foliage. He had constantly heard about my time spent in Pioneer Valley at UMass Amherst and he knew I was hopelessly in love with the crisp autumn air and hearing the sound of leaves crunching underneath me.

So back to 11/8-11/10- Jeet moved up his proposal idea. He wanted to make sure it happened perfectly. He contacted John Garcia and they made plans to tour NYC and find the perfect proposal spot. They considered Washington Square Park since that was a grand landmark on our second date. But Jeet was adamant that it had to be Central Park and it couldn’t be near a cliched spot. He wanted to make sure the spot was breathtaking. He enlisted in the help of our close friends Shaymal and Rachna having them plan a double date brunch with us. I at the time when all of this was happening remained overly caffeinated and utterly clueless of all the pieces falling into place. Jeet had everything at this point ready to go as soon as they found “the spot” He had designed a beautiful elegant ring with the help from our friends at Virani Jewelers. He had asked my parents for their blessing. He had thought about everything giving me a “Carrie Bradshaw- Sex in the City-esque” dream proposal.

On 11/10, one day before the proposal, Jeet enlisted my friend Katie to make sure my nails were done. He also tried to get me to dress up a little bit more than I wanted to dress up for brunch at The Smith. But I still remained clueless. To me this proposal, this day wasn’t going to happen for a while. I was under the impression maybe spring 2018. Never in a million years would I have thought that on 11/11 a wish would come true.

The morning of 11/11, Jeet arrived at my house at 10 am. I had just showered and was doing my hair and I stared at him thinking why is this man here sooo early when our brunch reservations are at 1 pm. He urged that I get ready, We were going to meet our friends in the park and walk over to brunch. He urged that I wear something more fancy than ripped jeans and a coat since we had dinner plans at Tamarind. At the time all I could think of was to stay warm. So i told him, since we have all day in New York City and dinner reservations weren’t until late, I knew we would end up inevitably shopping, I would pick out this skirt I’ve had my eye on and purchase and wear that to dinner.

We arrived into the city at around noon. We parked the car in a garage on Central Park South. It was definitely a crisp fall day. As we are walking through the park, Jeet is leading me to the “spot” where we are meeting his friends. I being a semi native new yorker (since I spend more hours and days there then actually living in jersey) did not find it odd that there were people in the park with cameras and everything just being so new york. Jeet stops at the spot and I look at him giving him a confused look.

Jeet nervously says: OH MY GOD BABE!! Look at that view, isn’t it amazing!!” I turn slightly to look at the view and agree. Then he follows up and says, “let me take a picture of you, its perfect. ” At this point, I turn around and give him my patent what is wrong with you look. In the year we have dated you have never ever once said that, but he still urges me to want to take this picture so i agree and turn and walk towards where he said. When i turned around, I saw him get down on one knee!! I was speechless, frozen in time. Not believing for a second what was happening.

Jeet said on one knee, after repositioning himself for the pictures and John snuck up closer, ” Shaymal and Rachna aren’t coming. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. You make me the happiest man in the world and all I can think about is wanting to spend the rest of my days with you. Will you marry me?”

I was so shellshocked and surprised I couldn’t speak. Tears were streaming down my cheek. Jeet had to ask if it was a yes (as if he didn’t already know!) It was the easiest yes I had ever given.

After he had proposed, he told me he still had a few more surprises for me. We went to lunch at the Porter House Bar and Grill at the Shops at Columbus Circle. After popping champagne and a quick bite, He took me shopping for a new dress and shoes that I wore for the remainder of our Proposal/ Engagement Shoot. After that, he surprised me by telling me/showing me that we were staying at the Plaza Hotel, followed by dinner at Tamarind in Tribeca with our families. The day was perfect. He thought about every single detail and knew exactly what would happen. I couldn’t be more excited to share this story with everyone.

Where to Propose in Central Park- NYC

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John Garcia
 | Photographer