Yobana and Mario

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Sequoia National Park, CA

How We Met

We met back in 2012 through a mutual friend, the funny thing is “everything happens for a reason” is very darn true! My best friend and I had plans on going out on a “girls night” that day but somehow it was canceled so another friend of ours invited us over for a pre-Christmas celebration at one of his friends house, we showed up, met his friends (including my now Fiance) but the funny thing was that my fiance was nothing like me, I’m more on the friendly/outgoing side and he was very shy and quiet… somehow his roomies and he really liked my best friend and I so they invited us to hang out again and so we all had exchanged numbers, at first I wasn’t so sure I wanted to be in a relationship due to me just turning 21yrs old but OOOOHHH did he change my mind, old soul, sweet and romantic gentleman who stole every breath away, eventually he stole my heart and here we are almost 6 years later now Engaged!!!

How They Asked

So I’m the type of person who somehow always finds out everything and have ruined my own surprises! but this time I did not see it coming!! (as much as I had been waiting for this day to happen! ha! ) we love being outdoors and we have made our goal to visit every National Park in the US, we planned our trip to Sequoia and per usual I’m the one who packs and gets everything ready but still didn’t notice anything suspicious! we did some trails Friday when we got there but went back Saturday to explore the park a bit more, we started early Saturday, some roads were closed to some snow at the park, but we still decided to do Moro Rock trail and walk those extra miles to enjoy the view, all trails were pretty empty due to roads being closed, I kept taking pictures along the way up but he got ahead of me to “see the views” now it makes sense! I catch up to him at the top and there’s only one more couple up there, so he says ” I’m going to ask them to take a picture of us” he took a while with them “asking” them to take a picture but I did not think anything of it since we have digital camera and so I thought he was teaching them how to use it. We take the first picture posing normal but next thing I know he turns around and gets on one knee!! at this point I am speechless and full of emotions, he then pops the question and all I can scream is YESSSS!! BEST DAY EVER! (big shout out to those lovely strangers who caught our moment)

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Proposal Ideas Sequoia National Park, CA