Yobana and Mario

Proposal Ideas Moro Rock trail, Sequoia National Park

How They Asked

So we both love to be outdoors and we had planned our last trip of 2018, we chose Sequoia since we knew it had snowed and during winter the park is less crowded. We decided to do the Moro rock trail to see the snowy view of the High Sierras but at the summit I had a surprise coming!

We reached the top, and only another couple was there, so he said “let’s take a picture, I’ll ask that couple to do us the favor” and at first I didn’t think anything of it “maybe he’s showing the guy how to use our camera” but little did I know, he took long talking to him because he was telling him to take a lot of pictures while he proposed !!!! I didn’t know if to cry, scream or both at the same time!! In that moment everything around us froze except US! What a magical moment it was! ?❄️?