Yiting and Ming

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How We Met

Tinder was invented with the idea of meeting someone in close proximity and through a common best friend called algorithm, plus a little bit of chemistry called attraction. As for M and myself, we met in a pretty similar way… Except it was through a real best friend (that was common to both of us) and in real proximity (called a night club). I guess we were pretty old school then. Fast-forward through all the date nights, school days and unthinkable long-distance which made minutes feel like hours, and both of us graduated from university. We were ready to take on the world!

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how they asked

On a regular Friday morning, while I was squeezing in another precious hour of sleep, M woke me up saying that I did not have to go to work! He whisked me off to pack my bags for a beach holiday and to the airport where my surprise destination was revealed. I felt extremely blessed to be hosted by The Datai at Langkawi, but I thought things were a little too good to be true and found it fishy that it could be the weekend. Nonetheless, I had a fun-filled weekend as M always made sure I did in every holiday we shared.

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On the night before we left the island, he asked me to marry him! With fairy lights, photographs and a good bottle of champagne, I must say he does know the way to win a girl’s heart.

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M had been the pillar of support in every decision point of my life: my studies, my career, my growing up from a girl to a woman. And from today, he would be there the same for my children. This is when I know he is the one. We don’t have a magical “how we met” story, but we definitely have a heart-warming “how we made it” story, and I couldn’t have felt more joy since the day he asked.

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