Yiannoula and Nik

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How We Met

Mav and I met through a mistext on the holiest day of the Greek Orthodox religion. After midnight Saturday evening services we say to each other in Greek “Xristos Anesti” (Christ has risen in Greek). A mutual friend of ours every year sends out a big group text for every holiday. When Mav replied to the group message he somehow only sent the message directly to me. As I was walking out of Easter Midnight service, I received his text message. I even joked with my mom that maybe this was God sending me my future tall dark and handsome Greek husband (not having any idea who the random stranger was that just texted me). A week later, I met him at St. Demetrius Greek festival. From the moment I saw him across the room, I stopped believing in accidents and knew this was the beginning of something epic.

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how they asked

Mav made dinner reservations in Lakewood, I didn’t suspect anything. My mom and I earlier that morning went shopping, casually talked about if I thought Mav was going to propose to me someday. Later that night, we got to our dinner reservation early so Mav thought it would be a cute idea to go check out the Lake view of the Cleveland skyline on the Pier. I dressed not appropriately for 50-degree rain jokingly suggested that the view would be much prettier from inside the restaurant with a roof, after all it was just a view of Cleveland right? That’s when Mav began to talk about how his life changed the day he accidentally mis-texted me.

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He said If you had asked me 24 hours earlier that day of the mis-text he wouldn’t believe how much his life was about to change. How I had made him the happiest man alive when I told him I wasn’t going to school in Chicago because I could get my degree anywhere but, he wasn’t anywhere. He was in Cleveland where I wanted to be with him ( After I graduated from The Ohio State University, I had been accepted into my dream graduate school in Chicago and had been offered a fully paid scholarship to attend it. I had been talking about how I planned to become a counseling therapist since the day I met Mav an 18 year old graduating senior in high school).

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That’s why he chose this moment, in Cleveland with this view. All of a sudden he stopped talking took a step in back of me. We were soaking wet in 50 degrees Cleveland weather. I heard him say “Will you make me the happiest man alive again, and marry me?” I slowly turned around and screamed YES.

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