Yganne Dela and Michael John

How We Met

We met years ago in our church. He is my brother’s friend and I’m really not interested in him. Well, he also felt the same way lol. But then, God really wanted us to personally know each other. He sent me a chat message last 2017. We had our first date a day before his birthday. And the rest is history.

How They Asked

He planned this for two months without me knowing that he’s talking to my mom and some of my cousins. I celebrated my New Year’s Eve with my family away from him but we already planned to have a trip with his family the next morning. I was really wondering why my mom and brother have bigger bags than me.

Surprisingly,fiancè booked them separately (bus tickets and hotel rooms) so they could be there during the proposal. We arrived at Baguio City, the Philippines around 2:30 am. He asked his mom and sister to buy food and asked me to be with them.

When we get back to the hotel room, I was surprised to see my mom and brother inside and after a few minutes, the proposal happened. It was really intimate and simple. But I looooove it!! We’ll get married this December.


Special Thanks

My mom, Jasmin
 | Planning
His parents, Marie and Sonny
 | Planning
Our siblings, Maoi, Robee and Marbee
 | Photographer