Yessica and Wesley's Proposal in a Sunflower Field

Image 1 of Yessica and Wesley

How We Met

Wesley and I went to high school together. I knew of him, and he knew of me, but we never talked until we were both asked to be in a wedding last year in May. I was asked to be one of the bridesmaid and he was asked to be one of the groomsmen. They put together a small gathering days before their wedding so the bridal party could get to know each other, and that is how we first started talking.

Our relationship in the beginning was on and off for awhile. Wesley was a little too wild for my taste and he wasn’t exactly ready to commit like I wanted him to. He would show me all the reasons in the world why we wouldn’t work out, but I could never bring myself to officially end things. I was so hooked!

Fortuneately one day, he realized his actions were hurting me and he decided to change. He has never went back to his old ways since and is now the imperfectly perfect soul for me.

One of the things Wesley and I love doing together is taking pictures. We always take road trips to the middle of nowhere, set up our camera equipment, and put on a little photo shoot. That’s right, Wesley and I are our own photographer with a little help of our tripod. When Wesley took me to Columbia Hills State Park, I didn’t think much of anything. To me it seemed like another fun adventure, and boy it sure was, but totally not what I had expected!

how they asked

Wesley was on Instagram one night and came across a picture of a field with lots of beautiful wild flowers. He clicked on the location from the photo to realize that it wasn’t far from where we’re from; only an hour and a half away! He showed me the picture and I knew I wanted to go! So on April 16th of 2016, we woke up early in the morning, got everything we needed, and headed to our location.

Image 2 of Yessica and Wesley

When we got there, we couldn’t believe our eyes. Mostly every field was covered in sunflowers and other beautiful wild flowers! We parked the car and walked our way over and set up the camera. He was in charge of that and little did I know he set the camera to record. At one point he pointed the opposite direction of me to make me look away, and when I realized he made me look for nothing, I looked back and he was already down on one knee. I was in shock. I couldn’t stop smiling. And I couldn’t be happier to say yes!

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Image 4 of Yessica and Wesley

I still can’t believe that the guy I met through a wedding got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.

Image 5 of Yessica and Wesley

After we got engaged, we drove down to Portland, OR and celebrated by walking through Forest Park and of course, eating pizza. Everything about that day was perfect. I keep pinching myself because it feels like a dream!

Special Thanks

Yessica Sarahi
 | Photographer