Yeskenia and Baptiste


How We Met

We met at a local bar during a friendly game of beer pong (great story for our kids). Baptiste claims that he let me win but i know the truth! After that day we decided to go on a date to his favorite restaurant and as we ate he pulled out a small piece of string and said he was going to marry me one day and tied the string on my ring finger… Fast forward four and a half years later, and he finally gave me a proper ring. :)


how they asked

Baptiste told me we had to attend a fundraiser in a few weeks which his uncle had invited us too. I was all for it until the week of when I caught a horrible cold. I told him I would have to cancel, but he insisted that we had to go because it was too late to cancel and we had given his uncle our word. Of course I was furious, especially when he told me he had to meet with his uncle earlier in the day and I should just meet them at his uncle’s apartment.


I arrived promptly at 7 pm, and when the elevator doors opened, there was a trail of rose petals leading to the terrace.



Immediately I thought OMG IT’S HAPPENING! He handed me a glass of champagne and walked me over to his laptop where he had a slide show of us through our years together (he even incorporated our pets!) At the end of the slide show it read “Will you marry me?”



I turned around and he was on his knee with the most beautiful ring. His whole family was there, and to my surprise, my brother and his wife had flown in from Texas just for my proposal. It was the most magical day of my life and I wish I could relive it every day!



Special Thanks

Cristal Jaquez Polanco |