Yesenia and Carlos

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how we met

It all started almost 11 years ago. I was a sophomore and she was a freshman at Falls Church High School. It all took place in our school’s gym lobby. We both finished soccer practice where I first laid eyes on the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen. I remember going home that day mesmerized by her beauty. I spent all night thinking how I was going to build enough courage to say hi or if I was going to see her again. That next morning I spotted her in a friend’s math class. During lunch that day I was able to find out what her name was and if she was dating anyone. It wasn’t till 3 days later when I finally said I was going to approach her and introduce myself. Right as she was entering her math class, I approached her. Till this day I remember word for word. We both still laugh at how corny I was.

“Hey Yesenia?” “Yes?” “Hi my name is Carlos, and I was wondering if I could walk you to your next class?” Her response with a confused look was “Sure.” I walked away speechless. As I headed to gym class, I decided take the zero for the day because I refused to dress out for class, since this would make me late to see her. I spent all class staring at the clock. As it got closer for the bell to ring, I wanted to make sure I was there before she got out. Being located on the other side of school, I had to run through 2 major hallways that are always packed with students. My plan failed because when I arrived she was gone.

The rest of the day I spent thinking about how I ruined my chances. I knew I had to make it up after practice. Catching her before she went home, we were able to talk and get to know each other. After our talk I felt that God had created her perfectly just for me. We both realized our sisters’ birthdays were on the same day, and I knew it was sign. It was a week later that I had to ask her to be my girlfriend. On Monday, May 16, 2005 at 3:35pm after school while we were walking the hallways, I knew I had to ask her to be my girlfriend. Couldn’t pass up this opportunity or wait any longer. We stopped near the gym “Yesenia, would you be my girlfriend?” Waiting for a response, those seconds felt like hours. Standing there staring at her beautiful brown eyes, I knew she was my soulmate. She said yes, we hugged and kissed, and the rest is history.

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how they asked

Throughout our relationship, I loved surprising her. I knew that when I proposed, it had to be the biggest surprise of all. I started with the idea of proposing on a hot air ballon. I had it all planned out too. It wasn’t till one night we were both watching TV and we came across a DC United game. I noticed how packed the stadium was. We reminisced how we met during our soccer season in High School. That night I spent thinking how awesome it would be to propose at a big venue where thousands of people could witness our proposal. I knew it was unlikely to happen. I continued my planning with the hot air ballon. For some reason, something didn’t feel right. I knew doing a hot air ballon would be romantic but I had some doubt if that’s how I really wanted to do this. I wanted this to be the most special and memorable moment we both can talk about with our grandchildren one day. I also wanted to share this moment with both our families and friends. Most importantly I wanted her to be the center of attention. Having her stand at midfield during halftime surrounded by thousands of people was the only way. I didn’t know where to start but it just happened to be that one of my assistant coaches at Marymount University plays for DC United. I told him my idea on proposing. He provided me contact info of someone in Operations. I told them my story and my plan and a few months later they gave me the approval.

It took a lot of weeks of emailing back and forth with DC United. It was during finals week of my Fall semester when I received a response from DC United. I’ll admit it was hard to concentrate while studying. All I could think about was executing my plan. At this point, no one knew anything about my proposal. I couldn’t tell anyone because I was afraid of someone accidentally spilling the beans. We came to an agreement on the date of the game. It was set for Sunday, July 26, 2015. I had their approval mid January. Those 7 months were the hardest and longest months ever. I finally told family members what my plan by the end of June. Meanwhile, DC United and I worked on seating arrangements and how many seats I would reserve. June came along, and I counted all our friends and family. We were over 50+ people. Not to mention, the game was being shown on ESPN2. It was expected to be 1900+ people attending.

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My hardest mission was getting Yesenia to go to the game. At this point I had 35 friends attending. So how am I suppose to get her to the game and running into all our friends without her getting suspicious? I had my aunt Carmen send a group text to the both of us. She texted us the following: “Hey guys, my company is giving out free tickets to the DC United game on July 26. Do you guys want to go?” I waited patiently for Yesenia to bite the bait. Once she did, my aunt continued the convo saying she had a total of 10 tickets and that we should invite our friends. She also mentioned that if we invite 30 friends or more, we could win a tailgate party. Yesenia was skeptical at first about being able to get that many people to a soccer game. Little did she know, I had already taken care of it. I just played along as if it wasn’t a big deal if we didn’t get that many people. At this point all she knew was that friends would join us at the game.

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I had the family tailgate on the opposite end of the parking lot and also sitting on the complete other side of the stadium where she wouldn’t run into anyone. Everything was going according to plan.

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To top off this proposal, I was fortunate to meet Amy Nicole. We communicated via email and had a game plan for the big day. She did an amazing job capturing every moment of our proposal.

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Special Thanks

Photography by Amy Nicole
 | photographer