Yesenia and Alejandro

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How We Met

It all started on a Sunday afternoon 6 years ago, when I went with my mom to do some groceries, the funny thing is that I never thought in a million years that I would meet the man of my dreams at a grocery store. Alex and I meant at our local Publix, I had gone with my mother to do our groceries. It’s funny how destiny works, because we had actually been going to the same school since Middle school, but we didn’t actually meet until that day at Publix. At the time he was working a part-time job at Publix as a bag boy, so he walked our groceries out to our car, and tried to make the most out of it by making some conversation with me. Turns out we had been going to the same school and never crossed paths until that day.

how they asked

Ever since that day 6 years ago we have been inseparable, and I’m glad it turned out that way, because I’m engaged to the most amazing man in this universe! I never thought that I would ever top the day we met, but the way he managed to surprise me with a proposal, honestly tops it all. This past Christmas during dinner that I was hosting, he decided to sneak a little sparkly ring inside of a cake pop that he had prepared specifically for me. Both of our families were there for the affair, and as soon as I took a bite from my cake pop, I realized something was off, because there was something hard inside of it and everyone was just standing there staring at me. As soon as I removed the “hard item” of my mouth, I asked me “What is this?” Little did I know, how a simple cake pop would change the rest of my life, because as soon as I handed him the “hard item”, he got down on one knee & proposed to me. Life has a crazy way of working, and I’m thankful that this journey has given me the opportunity to meet such an amazing man.

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