Yemisi and Oyinlola's Restaurant Flash Mob Proposal

I knew that I wanted to propose to Yemisi in an outrageous way, I just didn’t know exactly how I could pull it off. So I approached The Proposers, who are a bespoke marriage proposal planning company based in London.

They came up with the idea of organising a flashmob proposal in the centre of a busy restaurant in London.

To keep the proposal a surprise I needed a way to keep Yemisi distracted so that she wouldn’t wonder where I was. I asked two of her closest friends to help me out and pretend to take her out for dinner on the night of the proposal.

To make the proposal even more spectacular, The Proposers, enlisted the help of Event Theatre and 15 of their amazing singers to perform a brilliant rendition of Marvin Gaye’s Motown hit, ‘Ain’t No Mountain High Enough’, whilst | pretended to be a waiter.

Image 3 of Yemisi and Oyinlola

We decided that the only way for me to shock Yemisi in the way I wanted was to undergo a complete makeover into someone who would be unrecognisable to Yemisi.

Image 1 of Yemisi and Oyinlola

The Proposers then found the amazing Gillray’s restaurant for me to propose at. The restaurant has incredible views overlooking iconic London landmarks such as the London Eye and The Houses of Parliament, and it made the ideal setting for a proposal.

On the day of the proposal as I began my transformation into becoming a waiter, The Proposers filled the restaurant with ‘diners’ who were actually the secret singers!

Image 4 of Yemisi and Oyinlola

When Yemisi and her friends arrived they were taken to their table, and that’s when the real fun began.

At this point I was now in character, so came over to the table to fill up everyone’s glasses with water. When I got to Yemisi’s I ‘accidentally’ missed the glass, which resulted in a jug of ICE COLD water being poured onto her lap! I think it’s safe to say that at this point she wasn’t happy in the slightest, especially when I made a speedy exit!

Image 5 of Yemisi and Oyinlola

As the manager was apologising to Yemisi, one of the ‘diners’ stood up and started to play the guitar. To Yemisi’s astonishment the manager burst out into song, followed one by one, by other diners around the restaurant until they were all singing, ‘Ain’t no mountain high enough.’

Image 2 of Yemisi and Oyinlola

Unbelievably, as the song finished Yemisi still had no idea that the performance had all been for her so when another song began and I came out dancing, she was still none the wiser that it was actually me in disguise! That is until he whipped off my wig mid-song to reveal my true identity!

Image 6 of Yemisi and Oyinlola

Yemisi was so happy that she began crying as I took her hand and began dancing with her to the music. As the song died away I got down on one knee and asked her those four little words every little girl dreams of hearing, ‘Will you marry me.’

Image 7 of Yemisi and Oyinlola

She said yes and I couldn’t have been happier. I cannot wait to spend the rest of our lives together!

Image 8 of Yemisi and Oyinlola

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