Yasmine and Nathaniel

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How We Met

Nathan and I met at Francis Marion University through a mutual friend back in fall of 2013, at my first ZTA formal. He and I were in relationships at the time and didn’t really communicate until both of our the relationships ended. We started to text/chat and because he lived in Hartsville too, eventually started to hang out in the spring of 2014. Nothing too extravagant, just go watch a movie or grab lunch to get out of the house. He became my best friend, he was the only person I confided in. Then, I started to notice his presence became comforting. Nate took me by surprise and asked me to go to the beach with him in late June 2014. Not thinking much of it, I agreed. We went and had a great time, he ended up having a whole itinerary for us when we got there! Relaxing on the beach most of the morning and afternoon, dinner at Villa Romana, he knew I had been dying to see Maleficent so took me to see it at Broadway with some shopping, and then miniature golf. It was so much fun and such a nice trip! I didn’t realize that he had done all of that just to impress me and try and find out if I felt the way he did, (I know, I know) but on July 2nd of 2014, he asked me to be his girlfriend. I never would have thought that I had found the person I was meant to spend my life with at the age of 19. I couldn’t be more excited to take the Mihalovits last name.

how they asked

On February 5th of 2017, Nathan told me that he needed a vacation and that he wanted us to do something the upcoming weekend for us to relax and get away from work and school. As stressed as I had become, I was definitely all for it. The week dragged on but finally when Friday the 10th came, Nathan had my whole morning planned. He sent me off to get my hair and make up done. When I got back, he had already packed and was ready to go. Keep in mind, I had no idea where he was whisking me away too. So I grabbed my nook and a pair of sweats and off we went. Well, 5 hours later I find myself in the middle of nowhere at 6:30 at night in the great smoky mountains of Tennessee, looking at this gorgeous cabin. It was so pretty and so nice to be away from everything. Being as we were about 10-15 minutes from Pigeon Forge, Gatlinburg, and Sevierville, the next day we decided to go into town to explore but prior to going Nathan mentioned that we hadn’t taken any photos while we had been there and asked to take some on the balcony. We walked out on the balcony and snapped a few photos, which I actually captured a photo which I’ll include where he was hiding the ring box behind his back literally a minute before he proposed; and by the time I had turned to put my phone down and turn back around to him; he was down on his knee holding the ring in its Neil Lane box and all the tears started to fall. A yes eventually forced itself out and the ring was slipped onto my left hand, with a huge hug and kiss to follow. It couldn’t have been more perfect.

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