Yasmine and Irvine

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He arranged for me to go on vacation in Greece. When we got in Santorini, the most beautiful island in Greece, I enjoyed the day, got a massage and went to the pool. Then Irvine told me to dress up since we were going to a nice dinner. We walked all the way down to the most romantic place overlooking the aegean sea and there he was with candles, the most romantic dinner planned. We got drunk on champagne and I never imagine what came next.”Before the sunset when the butler brings the last course of the desert a flower bouquet with the ring came together. Then Irvine bowed as the tradition and asked her “will you marry me”. Without thinking she said “Yes”. After that they had a romantic photo shooting with unique caldera view of Santorini. It was a perfect day and everything went smoothly as planned with full emotions…

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