Yasmine and Bobby

Where to Propose in Museum of Ice Cream in Miami

How We Met

Bobby and I met in medical school on the island of Dominica in the Caribbean. We had seen each other here and there around the school, but finally met officially at the beach playing football. We connected again at a school event and from that day we were inseparable. We spent the majority of our time in medical school together studying and enjoying the island.

Yasmine's Proposal in Museum of Ice Cream in Miami

Bobby is from Austin, Texas and I am from Aurora, Colorado. Our next break from school we spent time in Colorado and then in Austin. We loved each other’s families and friends, everything felt like it was meant to be.

Yasmine and Bobby Denzel's Engagement in Museum of Ice Cream in Miami

When we returned to school in Fall 2017, a few weeks in we were hit by category 5 Hurricane Maria. We spent a week waiting to be evacuated together and decided then we didn’t want to ever be apart because enduring the hardest times in life was much easier together.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Museum of Ice Cream in Miami

We fell in love quickly, I knew he was the one for me only a few months into our relationship.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Museum of Ice Cream in Miami

how they asked

We had made reservations with our roommates to attend the Museum of Ice Cream on Sunday, April 15. I had been following the museum since it began and I always wanted to go. One of our roommates, Victoria, decided to wear a nice dress and heels and recommended I do the same since the museum is all about taking great pictures. So Bobby took me shopping to find a nice dress. He helped me pick one out and we went back to studying for the day as usual. I got ready to go to the museum and made sure I looked dressed up like my roommate recommended. I didn’t find it suspicious at all because I wanted to take nice pictures at the museum too. We got to the museum and everything was super normal. Bobby and our other roommate, Raj, brought their nice camera and took lots of pictures of us ladies.

We got up to the fourth room, the banana swing room. We were going ahead and taking pics at all the displays and then our roommates suggested we take a couple pictures on the banana swing. I sat down and made room for Bobby and he asked if I had room for him, I said: “of course I do, come sit down!” There were so many people in the room waiting to take pictures too! He came over and said I think you should stand up, I still thought he needed me to move for him to sit down first. When I stood up I realized this was it. He was down on a knee and the whole room fell silent. I don’t even remember everything he said, but I just kept asking “are you serious?!” I couldn’t believe it was actually real.

Well, it was and I, of course, said YES. The whole room was video recording us and clapping. I felt so much joy.

We finished walking through the museum and then went home to call and tell our friends and family. Everyone was so happy and excited, it was everything I had imagined and more.

Our Video

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