Yasmeen and Uriel

how they asked

I moved to Chicago 3 years ago for Bible College and on Monday I will be moving back home to Minnesota. My friend, Megan, wanted to do a photo shoot for me as a going-away gift and suggested my boyfriend came with us too. So we got dressed up and went to downtown Chicago and took pictures around the city. Our final destination was the Cloud Gate a.k.a The Bean and as we walk to the middle to take pictures I noticed people holding sunflowers(my favorite)! I looked at Uriel and asked him, “why do they all have sunflowers? I want one!” And then it dawned on me what was about to happen.

Yasmeen's Proposal in Chicago

Strangers started walking up to me and handing me sunflowers (over 24 of them!) and I immediately started crying. I look at my boyfriend and he’s down on one knee and standing behind me were giant letters spelling out “MARRY ME” that was being held by his family. It was more than I could have ever imagined.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Chicago