Yasman and Shawhin

Yasman and Shawhin's Engagement in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

How We Met

I have known her since we were 17 years old but like many frienships during that age, we lost touch after we went to college. Fast forward eight years later, and I am now finishing my medical residency here in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and she is now a couples therapist, living in Houston, Texas.

A year ago, I decided go go home for Christmas, and on the last day my flight gets canceled due to a heavy storm. As I’m bout browsing through Facebook, I see her picture and decide to ask her out to a drink last minute to catch up and see how she’s doing. I thought it was a long shot but to my surprise, she said yes. We met at a local bar and talked for hours until they had to kick us out.

The next day I came back to Pittsburgh but continued to keep in touch. I knew right away that she was the one for me. I had never been a fan of long-distance relationships and was worried she would not be either, but to my surprise, she was willing to try to make it work. Missing the flight was the best thing that happened to me.

how they asked

I had a week off for New Year’s and we decided to take a vacation somewhere warm. We ended up going to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. On the morning of, I woke her up and we had breakfast by the beach. I told her that I had a surprise set up for the rest of the day and that I would explain to her more once we get there. We drove to the marina where a private sailboat was waiting for us. On December 29, 2017, while riding into the sunset on the sea of Cortez, I asked her to be my wife.

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Yasman and Shawhin's Engagement in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

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