Yash and Kinjal

How We Met

Like one of my friends told me: “10 years of planning all for 1 day, to say 4 words.”

I met Kinjal at a religious and social event, Garba, back in ‘08. We met through our mutual friend and my best friend’s sister and it’s been an amazing ride since then. We never went to the same school, we both didn’t have the mobile to mobile unlimited minutes (back then, this was a thing), and I only had 1600 text messages a month. That’s not enough when you have friends who use 5 different texts for “hello, how are you doing?” Plus, my parents knew about us and hers didn’t since her parents were not okay with her being in a relationship at such a young age, which makes sense! So you can see we had a lot to overcome.

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I think that the most important thing that kept us grounded was the fact that we did not have all of that. We weren’t clingy or always together every minute of every day. When we were around friends, we gave our friends more attention than we gave each other and we always were forced to have distance because one side of the parents knew and the other side didn’t.

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My parents were together since high school as well. At the age of 16, my parents knew what they wanted and fought to make it happen. I think that is what kept pushing me and us to overcome all the obstacles and stick together through thick and thin.

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Fast-forwarding 10 years, I’m on one knee asking my high school sweetheart to marry me.

Since we never made “boyfriend and girlfriend” official, I told her the next time I ask her “out and make it official” would be the day I ask her to marry me. Well hey, I guess we passed that phase and went straight to the fiancé stage.

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Of course, I had to keep it short and sweet for this post, but if you’re wanting to take a dive into our love story, let me know :)



How They Asked

So first thing first, I have to ask her parents if it’s okay for me to ask Kinjal to marry me. Within the 10 years of being together, her parents and I grew much closer since day one. It wasn’t an easy ride, but we made it happen. I wanted to ask them over a nice dinner without Kinjal, but we were at the Brea Mall at CPK and her parents asked Kinjal and me what our plans were about our future. Immediately I said, well if you’re okay with it, I’d like to propose. I forgot that Kinjal was next to me LOL, but oh well! They said of course and so it began!

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So now comes the hard part; asking her to marry me. Within the 10 years of being together, we hit a lot of obstacles, so of course, why wouldn’t there be more when planning for one of the most important days of my life. Our favorite show is and will forever be Friends, so what better way to ask Kinjal to marry me than on the Friends set in Hollywood! I thought I could use my talent manager’s help and get us on the lot with family and friends.

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I called the set and told them about the plan and once they heard the number of people who wanted to be a part of this, they advised me to scratch the Friends’ set idea, even though they tried all they could to make it work since someone was bound to ruin the surprise with the amount of oriole. So after a very sad phone call, I decided to ask her at the Griffith Observatory. Everything was perfectly planned. The red carpet coming down the lawn, the hidden cameras, the setup, the speakers, the 10 sunflowers held by friends and family (Kinjal LOVES sunflowers) and so much more. We told the guests and everything was ready. Then, the weekend before our proposal date, the Observatory decided to go under construction.. Luckily, one of my sister’s friends was watching the news and told my sister to tell me about the closure. So now we needed a Plan C.

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With all of this going on, why not add another obstacle. The engagement ring was still in the air. I had fallen in love with a diamond that I wanted, but once I placed the order, I got a call the next day saying that it was sold. So then after a few days of searching, I found another one. I placed the order and again, sold it. Ordering online from an East Coast coming was tough!!

Then after searching for another few days, I found a diamond that was better than the first 2 and made sure I got it. So I got it. Well not physically. They said the ring will arrive either Saturday or Monday. My proposal was on Sunday.. Of course… So now I’m looking in the Costco Catalog to find an emergency diamond ring for the proposal in case the ring doesn’t come in time.

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Now going back to the proposal, with the ring situation and the closure of the Observatory, I needed to figure out another way. So then I thought of the beach. We can do everything we were going to do at the Observatory, at the beach. But Kinjal is NOT a fan of the beach! That’s one of the last places she goes. Not because of the water. She loves the beach, just not the sand and getting all dirty. But I said, oh well, times are tough LOL! I called up one of my friends, Sonica, and she helped plan the perfect proposal. Another important person, along with friends and family who helped out, was our photographer, Shivani! She told us the where, when, why, how, and more to get the perfect “I do” picture!

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I told Sonica what I wanted and how I wanted Kinjal to think she was going to do a photoshoot (Sonica does a lot of shoots for fashion, so this would be perfect), which would mean nails, hair, and wardrobe all in check! We planned on throwing Kinjal in a group text with a handful of other girls who were in on the plan and to give 2 different dates for a shoot, forcing the proposal date on Kinjal and it all worked out. They talked about the look, Sonica told Kinjal nail colors and picked out her dress, it was perfect!

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So we are on the day! I’m with my groomsmen and everyone is slowly arriving. The men all in black shirts, blue jeans, the ladies all in summer dresses. We are setting up. Parents, family, and friends all helping with the setup. And then, it was time.

Kinjal walked down the steps to be welcomed by 40 plus family members and friends along a runway of red roses with 110 sunflowers. Remember how Kinjal’s favorite flowers are Sunflower? In the 10 years, I was with her, I never got her any because I told her that on the day I ask her to marry me will be the day I get her some. Little did I know that one of my best friends would bring a box of 100 sunflowers to the proposal to make for the perfect entryway surrounding the bed of roses leading to the circle of tiki torches all lite up.

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I’ll let the pictures do the rest of the talking :) Wedding was supposed to be August 15, 2020, but with the COVID-19 Pandemic, it looks like this is going to be “the one where the wedding is postponed until 2021!”

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