Yarina and Vitaliy

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How We Met

We met about 9 years ago at a friends new year’s party and started dating a year later when we fell madly in love. At the time we were both about to finish high school and didn’t know what the future would hold for us only that we wanted to be together. However, a year into our relationship we were surrounded by drama from both families about our different religion status and decided that it might be best to break up even tho we didn’t want to. It seemed like the obvious thing to do since religion is a big part of our life and at the time we didn’t think we had a future together. As year after year went by, neither of us could move on and we just kept coming back to each other. Well after about 6 years of us having a Romeo and Juliet relationship, we finally decided we have had enough of not being able to be together and decided to go public again with our relationship. We promised each other that from here forward we would only do what makes us happy and not try to make other people happy while being miserable ourselves. And now we couldn’t be more happy and in love! 9 years is a long time but I wouldn’t trade a single minute of it and it has all been worth it for our love story. What’s meant to be will always find a way and that’s our love story!

how they asked

My love took me back to the place where we hung out for the very first time and where he saved me from my terrible roller skating skills. Now 9 years later, he surprised me with the most beautiful proposal at the same place where it all began. I was so surprised because I thought we were going to some work banquet. Literally took my breath away and stole my heart for eternity!

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