Yaraled and Juan

Proposal Ideas Santorini, Greece

How We Met

We met about 4 years ago through a mutual friend (who is currently my sister’s boyfriend) and we started hanging out and we quickly turned into good friends. The more we kept hanging out we realized how much we had in common and how well we clicked and it just turned into the best relationship ever!

How They Asked

Juan prepared for the proposal about 7 months in advance by designing the ring and getting friends and family involved since the proposal was going to happen on vacation. We had the opportunity to go to one of my favorite places ever Santorini, Greece. On the day it happened I thought I was in route to take my graduation pictures (I had just graduated with a double Master) but instead on May 12, 2019, on top of a roof surrounded by blue domes, the sea, and our loved ones HE PROPOSED!!!!