Yaniz and Zackary

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Collierville
From the start I knew it was the guys job to keep a proposal secret. Well, that was almost impossible to do with her! One year from today, she could tell something was up because I was always talking to her parents a lot. Finally I told her that we were planning for them to come down to spend Thanksgiving with both families together. I was afraid she may have been on to me because we had recently talked of what kind of ring she would want someday. Come Thanksgiving Day I had I could tell that she had it in mind I would be proposing to her then because, I knew how much this meant to her, but little did she know it was wrong. I had planned for everyone, close friends and family to come join us for a day of shooting targets, something we both truly enjoyed! To her we were all just going to have us a day of shooting but she had no idea of the custom target that I had made saying “will you marry me?” At the bottom of the target was one big bullseye read “yes” and a smaller one that read “no”. When it was her turn to shoot, we had her go grab something out of the truck while we all set her target up and I worked up the courage. The time had come, she came back, finishing her conversation she turns around to see me in front of her down on one knee. She was stunned, once she was ready she was to she shoot her answer, I handed her the magazine with a full clip. Thankfully, she emptied the clip on the “yes” with so much joy! I was relieved and happy to see how accurate her response was.

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