Yanitza and Fabian

How we met: Me and my amazing fiancé Fabian Nuñez knew each other since I was about 11 years old. We got along fine at times but because we were so young we were also mean to each other, so I never imagined he would be the one! You could say we had an off and on friendship that eventually turned into a beautiful relationship! We had so many similarities that we overlooked for a very long time but we finally became best friends (who also liked each other) in high school, when he was a senior and I was a junior. He would try to find me as soon as I got to school, and from then on we spend every moment we could together. All of my friends thought we would eventually fall in love, and we surly did that same year! On July 1st, 2011, he told me he loved me for the first time! He gave me butterflies and as young as I was I still knew we had something solid going on. We became official and were spending most of out time together but he eventually moved to a different state. He was accepted into the Art Institute of California and soon became a main artist for a company called GodF1rst so he had plenty on his hands, and it was tough for us but he still made time to visit me. We make unforgettable memories every chance we get! He is definitely a keeper, and definitely worth the wait.

Image 2 of Yanitza and Fabian

The proposal: In the winter of 2013, he visited me for about 3 months and we spent such an amazing time together! We love going out on dates and spending quality time so we casually chose February 28, 2014, as one of them to go out of the city. As I was getting ready that morning he messaged me telling me that his sister Lulu and our friend Jessica was going to join us, so all four of us rode out to Spokane, Washington to have a good time. When we arrived to the city, we separated so me and Fabian could have a mini-date. We went out to eat and he later introduced me to his childhood best friend that lived in that city. It was as if I was meeting family so it was a pretty sweet moment, specially for my fiancé! Later, we reunited with the girls and hung out some more but my fiancé was acting very suspicious. He wanted toImage 1 of Yanitza and Fabiango to the city’s Riverfront Park before they closed and I didn’t understand why but I could tell it was something important for him so we went but when we arrived it was already closed and it was extremely windy to the point where we had a hard time walking into the park’s mall (but of course we we’re goofing around in the heavy wind)! We finally made it inside when I noticed him and his sister kept giving each other these weird glances and she kept saying “I want some Olive Garden” (they later told me that was code for the proposal)!

The mall that we were in was about 5 stories high so we started taking the escalators up and then they began talking privately when we were up high. My fiancé then told me we were going to go all the way down the the center of the mall to take pictures. There is a large circle on the floor with the logo on it and that’s exactly where he wanted to take the “pictures”, so I agreed and me, Fabian and Lulu went down while Jessica stayed up to take “pictures” from a different angle. When me and Fabian where finally at the center, we were holding hands and he turned to me and got on one knee. He then began talking to me and I became excited but didn’t know if he was joking with me (we joke around too much so it was hard to tell), but then I saw his eyes were sincere and it all clicked! He was proposing and the girls were recording it! I began crying with tears of joy and as he spoke this lady walking by, stopped and asked if the proposal was real! My fiancé said yes and she asked me if I was going to say yes to him and I nodded and thought OF COURSE! After that she expressed her excitement for us! Fabian continued, and when I said yes he grabbed me tightly and the people witnessing began congratulating us and cheering from wherever the were! It was such a amazing feeling and something I never saw coming. I could not believe that he proposed in such a public place but I’m more then happy that he did it that way because in a way he told the world he wanted to marry ME. Now I get to marry my best friend, lover and favorite person. I’m becoming Mrs. Nuñez!!!