Yanil and Yvon

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How We Met

We met in a quite strange way. I was not feeling like going out with my friend salsa dancing as I did not bring a dress with me. However, I ended going to our favorite salsa spot and there he was. He approached me for a dance and we went our first date a month after. We have been inseparable ever since.

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how they asked

Apparently, my fiance had been planning the proposal for over 6 months. Because we spend the majority of the day together, he had a hard time getting things done around me. Thus, he would wait until I fell asleep to send out emails and finalize some things. In addition, his work lunch also became proposal planning time. Meanwhile, I was clueless to his strange secretive behavior. He visited about 5-6 art galleries and finally decided on a more intimate and rustic one over northeast Minneapolis. He created an entirely fake event so that I would have no suspicion of this “random” art show we were supposed to be going to once his parents came into town for my graduation.

The week of, he insisted I get my nails and feet done. And mean, he REALLY insisted. Of course, I did not find this strange because my graduation was that Saturday so I figured he just wanted to treat me. Finally, Friday came around and we got ready to take his parents to dinner before the art show. He insisted I dress nicely as the artist who was putting on this show worked for the mayor who was also invited to this art show. During dinner, I commented to his parents how boring art shows could be and that I was concerned they might not provide seating for them throughout the duration of the event. They just chuckled and said they would be fine.

Once we arrived at the place, his parents walked in first as I was trying to delay our walk because I knew the night would consist of boring talk with people I did not know and looking at art I might not be able to interpret. When we walked in I noticed many people were standing in the backroom and I just figured we missed the whole show. However, once they started making their way out all I saw was my mother, father, and best friends and the next thing I know I got pulled into a circle of roses while everyone surrounded us. Sam Smith started playing and the love of my life started confessing his profound love for me. All of which I was unable to hear because I was balling like a baby.

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The whole time I thought we were going to a boring art show but it turned out to be a showcase of our love (featuring many pictures of our relationship) and the biggest art piece ended up on my finger. Turned out to be the greatest art show I have ever been to and everyone was in on it!

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