Yang and Rommel's Breakfast at Tiffany's-inspired Proposal

How We Met: We met at an indie gig in Manila. I used to manage underground bands, and have been friends with a lot of indie bands since the early 2000s. My fiance, being new in the country, took a chance to see one of his favorite Manila-based indie band perform live, despite being alone since none of his new friends have the same taste in music as his. I happen to “return”to seeing my friends from indie bands perform again after 3 years of hiatus. That’s the night we met. My friend introduced me to my fiance but we stayed in separate tables. My friend and I accompanied him when we realized he went to the gig alone. He started talking to me and we just hit it off. We talked about music and we just enjoyed the conversation so much. After 3 years, he confessed that he was eyeing on me even before we got introduced.

Since then, we have gone to gigs, concerts, and festivals TOGETHER. We are forever a music fest couple.

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how they asked: How can you say no when he prayed to God every day that you would say yes? “I cannot take us back to Tempura in the Philippines, where we had our first date. So I hope this place is at least close. I feel like I have good luck with Japanese restaurants. Will you do me the honor to be my wife?”

It was a very non-suspicious day for a proposal. I woke up and it’s December all over again as the window greeted me with snow on spring. We went through our morning routine, had coffee, and I started my study block after Rom left to bring mom to the office and do some errands.

We headed out for a seminar with IDEO and GA at 5PM and arrived at SPACE in Wabash on time. It only lasted until 7PM (while the event page says it’s until 8PM) so we have time to walk around the city and I found my new favorite bookstore in Chicago!

It was a perfect day. Chill, no rush, and we even got a free parking spot in the city on a busy day. Rom told me we are getting dinner. I thought it was just some grab-and-go thing like Portillo’s or Taco Burrito King, only to find myself in a fine dining Japanese restaurant along Chicago Avenue. I looked like a garbage for the place. ):

We were led to a beautiful intimate booth in the restaurant and had champagne to start. We had The Rock (NY strip) and California roll for appetizer. This was followed by a tasty meal of roasted sea bass with kale. For dessert, he got us this salted caramel chocolate thingy with that edible gold on top, I have no idea what it was, hahaha! Then he told me he needed to check the car if we got a ticket.

I was kind of shocked that he would actually leave me, but I just thought what the heck I’m eating this dessert with or without you. He stood up, walked around the table, towards the end of my seat, and knelt.

He handed me a Cracker Jack and asked if I can open it for him. THIS. WAS IT.

1. I always told him to just get free toy rings from cereal boxes or Cracker Jack since I find diamond rings here ridiculously expensive.

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2. It was based on a scene from my favorite movie, Breakfast at Tiffany’s (he knows how much I love Audrey Hepburn)! Paul only had 10 bucks and a ring from a Cracker Jack, which they got engraved at Tiffany’s.

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It was unbelievable. It was perfect. I love everything about the proposal. I was shaking tho. I’m always afraid of the chance that there might be other people who will witness it. I was asking Rom for a blanket so I can just curl up, hide, disappear. But I was happy and delighted at the same time. It’s crazy!

But one thing is sure: how I look at Cracker Jack has been forever changed.