Yan and Miki

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How We Met

We met in 2008 which is 15 years ago when we are still studying. We knew of each other but not in person. We managed to get back in touch in 2017 again from a mutual friend who video-called me when we were once hanging out. Then in 2018, he asked me to be his girlfriend and he promised me he would take care of me forever. I’m glad that we were together for so many years later and now he’ll take care of me for the rest of my life.

How They Asked

On 3/1/2023, he was telling me his friend asked him for help to get a bouquet of roses to surprise his wife, I then blamed him for not getting me any surprises throughout the whole trip(we went to cairns & Sydney for 2 and a half weeks holiday). After our dinner, we went to the beautiful grass area under Sydney Harbour Bridge and saw the marriage proposal setting and I was like “omg so pretty!

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Who is the lucky girl” he grabbed my hands and asked me to take a photo but not near the area as there was a cameraman there. After we finished taking a photo, he grabbed my hand to the middle of the aisle where it said MARRY ME and then asked me to MARRY HIM! … of course I said YES!!

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Special Thanks

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