Yamile and Michael

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How We Met

I used to work in Manhattan in a coffee shop on the night shift. It was my last week on that job. Mike my now fiancé never works at nights, but that day he had a night project that his company was trying to get for themselves, so he just went to see and learn about the project. My job was right in front, so he and his coworkers came in to get something to eat. When he was behind another customer ready to pay, I saw him for the first time, and I immediately said to myself “Aww, He is the sweetest guy I have ever seen”. After ten minutes they all left at the same time except for one of his coworkers who was still getting ready to leave. I don’t know what happened to me since I never ask for any guy, but I asked to his coworker about Mike. He got so excited that I asked, and he was like, Why? and then asking many times if I liked him. I was like, no, I don’t. It was just a question. But he immediately said, don’t worry we’ll come back, and five minutes after they did. Mike said that they came back because it was too cold outside. They all were sitting down, and then his coworker came to me and ask me for my number to give it to Mike. He tried to convince me many times, but I totally refused. He gave up, and then he went to Mike to ask for the same. Mike didn’t know much about what “Mr. Cupid” was trying to do, but he still wrote his number down. His coworker came back and gave me a little paper with Mike’s number. I got so so shy, so without being obvious I tried to hide around the whole time until they actually left. After some time, my coworker who was also a good friend of mine told me to text him. I was skeptical to do so, but he persuaded me to do it just to make a new friend, and that it didn’t have to be with a different intention. At the end he got to convince me. We started to text each other the next day, and since the day one that we went out he was the most respectful guy ever. We spent five months knowing each other really well, and the he asked to be his girlfriend. There were many things that made me know he was the one. First, I got the three signals that I asked for. All of them at different times, but the first signal was the only one that I had on my heart so many years ago before knowing him, so it was really shocking when it actually happened. I will tell him about it when we get married to make it more special. However, besides anything that could had proved me or made me feel that he was the one, what was more important for me, more than excitement, butterflies in the stomach, happiness, etc. was the PEACE I had and still have with him. I never had that before with anyone, and that just makes it perfect.

how they asked

Days before the proposal, my aunt told me they were going to have a photo session for my cousin who just graduated, and asked me and Mike to please join them to spend the day with them. The day finally came, and we went to this place called Old Westbury Gardens which is a museum home with many beautiful gardens around. We were walking around for about two hours while getting pictures too. Almost at the end we went to this little but very romantic temple called “The Temple of Love”. My cousin had a bouquet of flowers, and they were pulling them out to place them around the little temple. Pictures here, and pictures there, and then we were left alone. Mike grabbed my hand and started to tell me how loved and important I was for him. Right after that, he started to pick a flower at a time, and give it to me. For each flower he gave me, he was telling me an important date that had happened from the day we met to that day. Dates like the first I love you, the first kiss, the first dance together, etc. until the date when he asked my dad for my hand. For the the last flower he said the date it was that day, and the reasons why he wanted to share the rest of his life with me. Finally, he knelt down and asked me the most expected question, Will you marry me? and without even thinking about it I SAID YES <3

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