Yagmur and Shawn

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How We Met

I came to the US from Turkey in December of 2015. My original plan was to stay for one year to improve my English and then go back to Turkey. On Christmas Eve, the same month I arrived, I met the love of my life. We started dating a month after and I decided to stay and start a new life with him here.

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How They Asked

After dating for a couple of years, my Shawn (boyfriend at the time) and I were planning to travel internationally together for the first time. My boyfriend loves to travel and said he wanted to plan our trips. He’s been all over the world and loves sharing about how he has been able to travel on a budget. He told me that he was going to create a new segment called “The Adventures of Shawn & Yagmur” and document all our trips. Since he loves traveling and has a blog, I thought nothing of it. We began traveling and he always had a different reason from ‘I need to go to London for work’ to ‘I want you to meet my family in Peru’ to ‘How does a long weekend getaway to Iceland sound?’. For me, it was just great! He planned and took care of everything, even while doing it on a budget. For a little over a year, we traveled around the world when we could take off from work. Some trips were very tough and we grew a lot together. It’s always an adventure with him, never a dull moment!

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One of our trips was to Moscow and Edinburgh. He told me that I needed to get my nails done and bring nice clothes because Moscow is a super fashionable city. He normally doesn’t care what I wear and said it jokingly but I went with it. After visiting Moscow, we headed to Edinburgh. The first morning we were in Edinburgh, he wanted us to take our ‘city picture’. Every time we went anywhere, he made sure we left with at least a picture of us together. Our friend Betty was with us for this trip so that first morning, we all headed up to Calton Hill to take our city picture. We have a different theme for each picture. For this one, he told me we should be like philosophers and to think into the distance. As I faced away, he got on one knee and said ‘Babe’.

I turned around and was absolutely shocked! He had told me that he wanted to take me to Cancun in a month for a romantic getaway. I thought he was going to propose then but he had done it in Edinburgh! Of course, I said yes! Then he began to tell me what he’d done and why we had gone to the places we went to. He was spelling out WILL YOU MARRY ME by taking me to the capital city of countries around the world and in order! I couldn’t believe that I couldn’t see it. He also mentioned he knew I’d have wanted my nails and hair to be done for the proposal with a cute outfit so he made Moscow an excuse.

He also said that since we are the ones that need to pay for our wedding, he’d rather spend that money on us traveling the world together, rather than spend all of that money for one day. With the average cost of a wedding being 30k, he decided to spend that money on us traveling together instead. My budget was 15k and he was 15k. With 14 letters in the question, he said that he budgeted 1k for each city and the ring would be worth 1k. Any money leftover from my city budgets went towards the ring. He got the first letter of each country we went to imprinted in the engagement ring. He told me that although this ring costs less than 3k, it represents all of our trips and the countless memories we made making it truly priceless. I couldn’t believe any of it and sometimes I still can’t believe it. He is truly the love of my life! Here’s his blog post on our journey.

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Special Thanks

Betty Chen
 | Took the actual proposal picture
James Allen
 | Ring