Yagmur and Ahmetcan

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How We Met

In May of 2010 we met through our partner. When I first saw Ahmetcan I did not like the his look. After seeing it a few more times, we were very good friends. But Ahmetcan felt more than friendship feelings towards me and shared this with me. He said he was in love with me and wanted to be with me. I rejected him. He tried to persuade me every day. I finally accepted it. At first I thought I would hang out with him for a month, but I could not because I fell in love with Ahmetcan and he fell in love with me … Even if we left afterwards, he never left me and always fought to get me.

how they asked

In Cappadocia we went to for a holiday, Ahmetcan told me that he would surprise me, but he told me to wait for the sunrise to happen. He woke me up that morning with patience and told me to prepare for a great date. He started pulling out of the hotel’s terrace area where I was staying and suddenly I was shocked to see a wonderful breakfast prepared with individual cameras and flying fire balloons. Then he carried me across the scenery and said the magic words; will you marry me?

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