Yaeisha and Howard

how we met

We met on an online dating site. OKCupid to be specific. Howard likes to fib and say that we met at the gym.

how they asked

I kind of knew it it was coming since his sister took me to a jeweler to see what I liked. I was at work one regular weekday and Howard told me he had to tell me something, but that he had to tell me in person. Howard left his job 45 minutes away to come see me at my job. He had gotten me roses and a card, which I thanked him for. I asked him what he needed to tell me. He leaned back coolly on his car, gave me a sly grin, and asked if I would marry him. I chuckled, and said only if he promised me a lifetime of scrapple (a PA delicacy). He agreed.

Special Thanks

Yanique B Photography