Xishel and Darrell

How We Met

This is going to sound so “old school” but we met on MySpace. Luckily neither of us was a Catfish.

How They Asked

So, I planned a trip for my now fiancé for his birthday to Hawaii. He works remotely so he had to do work while we were on vacation. I was already getting pissy because I thought, hey, we’re in Hawaii, work can wait. He asked if I wanted to go watch the sunset after he was done working but I was already being a big baby so I didn’t really want to. He asked again, I obliged.

Xishel's Proposal in Pahoehoe Beach Park, Kona, Hawaii

We get to this semi-private beach, took some pictures, sat on a bench and watched the most gorgeous sunset in Hawaii. He tells me that he’s so glad we came and thanked me for planning the trip; my response? “Yea, you should plan our next trip, but then again, you don’t know how to plan anything.” Boy!

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Pahoehoe Beach Park, Kona, Hawaii

Was I surprised when he got down on one knee in front of me and asked me to marry him. Darrell – 1. Xishel – 0