Ximena and Marlon

Ximena's Proposal in Disney’s Magic Kingdom

How We Met

In order to understand why it happened there, you need to know that since I was a kid, my dad has taken us to Orlando every year, my favorite childhood memories have been there. In his case, he had never been to Orlando nor Disney, so two years ago, when we had the chance we decided to go, I loved the idea of going with him to one of my favorite places, so we did and it was wonderful, he finally knew the place that I love. Little did I know, that not only he wanted to know the place that I continuously talked about but he was looking for the perfect spot where to propose the next year.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Disney’s Magic Kingdom

We’ve been together now for ten years, 5 years ago, we started talking about the future, I knew he was the one and I hoped that he felt the same way, I saw acquaintances and friends getting engaged and getting married hoping that one day it’d be me.

how they asked

I gave him hints of what I wanted, and sent him random pictures of engagement rings but he never said anything about it, as time passes by I thought that he didn’t care much about it, I used to joke that the only thing I wanted was my picture with Mickey holding my hand with my ring, I even told him that it was ok if he gave it on the plane ( by the way both of us are from Guatemala) as long as I had my picture with Mickey, it was ok.

Last year, we started planning our holidays, we were wondering where we wanted to go, but he was very eager and pushy on going to Orlando, I told him it was ok if we didn’t go to Orlando, we could go somewhere else, it was our first trip alone, just the two of us. He bought our flight tickets, since the moment we got on the plane, we were upgraded to first-class, it was wonderful.

The day of the proposal, he had made reservations at Be Our Guest, he knew how much I wanted to go, but I wasn’t able to find availability and he had already made breakfast reservations, he even wanted to wear matching shirts, which I loved the idea. He made a fast pass, so we could take a picture with Mickey at the Town Square Theatre, it was late at night, little did I know he had already talked to cast members at Disney about he was proposing that night at the exact moment when we were with Mickey exactly when they were going to take our picture.

The cast member that took our picture, gave us “different instructions on how should we pose” and she asked me to close my eyes so my boyfriend could kiss me on the cheek, so I did it, and then when she told me to open my eyes, he was already on one knee asking me to marry him, with Mickey by our side. In that grey box, was the ring that some years ago I had sent him as a hint of what I wanted, it was perfect I was able to get the exact picture that I wanted, it was my perfect proposal.

After we got engaged, he told me that a year ago, the first time he had been there, he had been looking for the perfect spot to propose but nothing seemed right, the only thing that seemed right was proposing with Mickey next to us.

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