Xenia and Narish

how we met

Nash has been a friend of the family for years, regularly attending Christmas and other important events at our house. Through this time, we developed a friendship, discovered that we shared a lot of common values and interests. Then, during Valentine’s 2017, Nash surprised me with a bouquet of flowers, and we discovered that we felt the same way about each other.

how they asked

The proposal was set at a resort near our home here in the Philippines. We had decorated the pool area to include “Will you Marry Me” in large block letters with lights. There, we surrounded the area with a few tables which included both our families. After church we arrived at the resort and I walked her to the pool. Once we walked up the steps, she saw the sign and her family, but didn’t say anything. I knelt in front of her and asked her the most important question of my life, “Will you marry me?” She said yes and it was a perfect night!

Special Thanks

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