Xavier and Chernecia

How We Met

We met January 13, 2013. It was my first day at Bethune-Cookman University. I remember leaving my first music class and being approached by a nervous young teenager whom would later become my husband. Xavier nervously tried to yell my name across the busy walkway, filled with students on their way to class. “If you ever need help studying, I can help with that!” To which I replied, “sure, ok” . 13 words later, and we were inseparable. He became my tutor, the person cheering me on from the hallway during every test, the person I ate lunch with every day, the person I prayed with every Sunday, the person that intrigued my heart before my mind caught up, my best friend, the guy I sat next to on the day of our graduation, the love of my life, my fiance, and now my soon to be husband.

Proposal Ideas The Orlando Eye

how they asked

To my surprise, my fiance Xavier was secretly vlogging his journey to the day of our proposal. I never became suspicious of it, because we had recently ventured into starting a YouTube channel together. February 13, 2018, he placed a rose in my hand, and we went for a drive to Orlando that changed both of our lives forever. I was kept in the dark through it all. We made our way into our private booth on the Orlando Eye and gazed at the beauty of the sky and sunset as we made our way to the very top. At the peak of our ride, he asked me to have a seat.

Xavier then began to pour his heart out regarding our Journey to this day. He reached into his pocket (I sobbed), he pulled out MY ring and asked me to be his wife. I SAID YES! I adore the way he proposed to me, very personal and symbolic of our relationship…just us against the world!

Our Video

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