Rita and Greg | X Factor Marriage Proposal

Image 1 of Rita and Greg | X Factor Marriage ProposalHow We Met: Greg I have known each other for over 10 years.

We properly met in 2005 when he walked into my workplace and invited me to a club he was working for. He asked for my number to put me on the guest list & the rest is history!

We became great friends, always together and with our friends, going to dinners and cafes and hanging out until late hours watching him and his friends work on their motorbikes!

We officially started dating in 2006.

Greg is the most honest & caring person I know, it was effortless for us to fall in love.

7 years had passed and the question started lingering ‘when are you going to propose?’ Little did I know that Greg had a surprise brewing!

how they asked: Greg was listening to our favourite radio station in Sydney Nova 96.9fm and our favourite segment ‘the fitzy & wippa show‘. There was a competition running called the $10,000 wedding proposal.

Image 3 of Rita and Greg | X Factor Marriage Proposal

Determined & confident, Greg entered & surely he won!

Meanwhile, I was clueless that he was even thinking of proposing.

Fitzy & Wippa organised to have Greg propose to me on the X Factor Stage in front of a studio audience!

Greg had asked my friend to pretend she had 2 tickets to watch the X Factor show on the Sunday 1st September 2013. She had called me a week earlier to tell me she had won 2 tickets and that she wanted me to go with her. I – ofcourse was excited because I love the show, so when the day had arrived I dressed up and headed to meet my friend where we got picked up by a limo by the Nova 96.9fm team in disguise as X Factor employees.

I was still non the wiser…

Arriving at Fox Studios where the show was about to begin, I was excited meeting X Factor contestants outside and chatting to the crew outside.

We walk into studio which is full with the studio audience, and take a seat near the stage.

The Nova 96.9 hosts Fitzy & Wippa walk onto the stage where Wippa starts to sing ‘You say it best when you say nothing at all – by Ronan Keating’. I’m clapping along and smiling with the rest of the audience when suddenly, Greg walks onto the stage wearing a suit and singing along!

I was speechless! Thinking ‘what is he doing up there???!!!!’

Image 4 of Rita and Greg | X Factor Marriage ProposalFitzy walks towards me, takes my hand and leads me onto the stage and to Greg who is singing to me… He goes down on one knee, says the most breath-taking words & asks me to marry him! I was overwhelmed with happiness and ofcourse said yes :) He presented me with the most beautiful ring which he had designed himself & was made by Robert Mazza in Sydney.

I was then surprised by all my closest friends and family in a nearby restaurant. I could not have been happier!
Greg & I are so happy.. He is truly my bestfriend and we can’t wait to spend the rest of our lives together.

Our love grows stronger every day.. I truly have my soul mate…

Image 2 of Rita and Greg | X Factor Marriage Proposal

Image 5 of Rita and Greg | X Factor Marriage Proposal