Wyona and Austin

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Austin and I had just celebrated our 4 year anniversary, he just got his dream job, and we we’re new members at a church we had longed to find.

Things we’re going amazing for us and I couldn’t be anymore happy (so I thought)

Austin told me he wanted to be baptised and be born again in Christ at this church that made us feel so loved. I decided I wanted to be baptised by his side. Although, I had been baptised in the past I finally understood what it meant. I knew this is what I wanted.

After Sunday service, some family arrived to share this special moment with us. We got onto stage to take some photos before the baptism. We stood there smiling and Austin said “I love you” and I replied with “I love you, too” again Austin said “I love you” I chuckled with confussion and again replied “I love you, too” all while smiling for photos, kind of like a ventriloquist. He asked “will you marry me?” Then down on one knee holding the most beautiful ring.

I was so shocked, I looked to our family in the pews and back to Austin with my hands covering my mouth. “Yes, yes I will marry you!” Finally, the words found their way out of my mouth.

This church holds a special place in our hearts. It is where we had our first date (senior year after prom). It is where he asked me to become his wife. And on September 1, 2018 we will stand side by side to become one, man and wife.

All the days in between will hold many more amazing memories. And the days to follow, as our family grows and our lives together progress. I am blessed and so happy with my life. God is so, so good.

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