Wynonna and Jordan

How We Met

We met in college during a pizza party that his student-led group on campus hosted. Maybe it was our love for pizza that bonded us together. Ever since then, we continued to talk and find excuses to see each other again.

how they asked

For Christmas break, Jordan and I decided to visit Singapore and Indonesia, where I grew up, to meet my extended family and some of my childhood friends. During our trip to Indonesia, we visited three different places and one of them was Bali, a famous tourist destination that my family and I love going to. We stayed at a hotel that overlooks a private beach. On the night of December 30th, Jordan asked me if I wanted to go on a walk. I thought it was a little bit suspicious, but went anyways. It was pretty dark out, with just a few night lamps around. We walked for a little bit and then eventually sat down on the beach chairs. We talked for a while and he seemed really nervous as he said, “it feels like our first date all over again”. Then I knew he was up to something because he doesn’t get nervous that easily. My instincts were right! He opened a box with a ring inside…

Image 1 of Wynonna and Jordan