Wyatt and Matthew

Image 1 of Wyatt and Matthew

How we met – by Wyatt

Late in the spring of 2014, I had just finished my junior year of undergrad and started looking to date again. When Matthew and I first spoke it was an instantaneous connection. Our conversations were immediately deep and interesting. About a week of nearly constant texting, we decided to meet for our first real date. Since Matthew is a transplant from New York and I am a local, I wanted to share more information about local history and my interest, so we decided to meet at my university. Walking around that day I’m sure I babbled incoherently, but he listened so intently as we walked all across campus. We sat down for dinner at a brewery, and he began to teach me a little about beer and wine. But what I remember most is how he stared so directly into my eyes. I could feel how intensely he was looking and I couldn’t keep his gaze. He kept giggling and I kept blushing. I followed him to his intramural kickball game, hoping to cheer him on, but it turned out the game was cancelled. I made a mildly lewd comment about his uniform (little did I know his older sister was next to us and heard). So we changed plans and got dessert. As we sat outside by a fountain eating frozen yogurt, I remember thinking how kind, cute, and intelligent he was, and smitten I was already becoming. I don’t think either one of us wanted to leave, nor did we want to press things too quickly. But we sat on that bench by the water and talked for a few more hours. After we left each other that night I remember feeling this overwhelming warmth and happiness, something I was never quite prepared for!

how they asked – by Matthew

Waking up that morning we were about to head to the Biltmore I was so full of all kinds of emotions. Thinking to myself Wyatt must know that I am acting different and he will catch on that this is the day. Knowing full well I had to find a way to hide the ring until later in the day I found it perfect to bring a bag with us and hid it wrapped in my shirt. As I walk away to get some breakfast I see he was taking everything out and I saw the shirt on the bed and was convinced that he had felt and/or saw the ring at that point. I ran back into the room and said that I have it and set all the things back in so he could not feel the ring. This was just the beginning of the journey to the Biltmore Estate and I had no idea when the right time would be to just get down on one knee and ask.

As we get the estate it was such a gorgeous day and we both were so very ready to explore this area yet again and be able to see things differently than the first time. The first stop was the tour of the inside of the house, which ironically the theme was wedding events at the Estate; little did Wyatt know what was going to happen later in the day. After the tour it was time for us to get lunch and at this point I thought to myself maybe I will propose to him on top of the roof because we were doing a special tour later that day. Well this is the first of 4 tries that did not succeed. Every time I started to get close to pulling out the ring our tour guide would rush us around to another area and before I knew it the tour was already over with.

Well the next stop just happened to be in the most beautiful gardens with so many different color flowers and different types. Now in my mind I was thinking how beautiful it would be to just get Wyatt into the center of all these flowers, have someone take our picture, and in the process ask him. Again he had a different plan; he wouldn’t even go to the center of the flowers and kept on walking faster towards other areas to explore. Yet again my plans were foiled!

At this point I was thinking to myself would there be the right time to do it. I knew it had to feel right because it just has to be so natural that you can’t help but want to be with him for the rest of my life. One of the greatest things we saw the first time was this adorable little waterfall which we were heading straight towards on our walk. There were a few random runners around but there was no one there that could take our picture. Finally I had decided on our walk back towards the house that I had to remind him that we still did not get a picture of ourselves taken by someone, this was the key!

We make it back to the main part of the estate where there is this long far view of the house. It was meant to be at this time because we literally meant another random couple up on the wall taking pictures. Well they asked us to take a picture for them and in turn we asked if they would do the same for us. While Wyatt was taking the picture of the other couple he did not notice me sliding the ring out of the bag and into my back pocket. Once he started taking our picture for us I was about to reach into my back pocket and decided to wait just a few more moments. Later I found out Wyatt had decided there was no way I was going to propose that day since it was getting so late. But as he was taking pictures of the house I got down on one knee he turned and was stunned and I asked him “Will you Marry Me’

Image 2 of Wyatt and Matthew

He was just so overjoyed and excited that he said yes so fast that he barely remembers hearing me ask. Sure enough that same couple came back over and made a statement that they thought they needed to update those photos for us.

Image 3 of Wyatt and Matthew