Wizarding World of Harry Potter Proposal

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How We Met

Chris and I have known each other for about 10 years. He went to high school with my sister and they became close friends and soon we had the same friend circle. We became close very quickly, bonding over our love for the Yankees at first and then everything else, but the timing was never quite right. Finally, it was and things have been perfect ever since.

how they asked

Me being a huge Harry Potter fanatic, we decided to go to Universal while visiting family in Florida to go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. He acted normal all day, I never suspected it!! We went through the park and even rode a few rides (with the ring in his pocket!) then I went to get on line for a roller coaster and he stopped me asking if it went upside down because he said he was too scared. In my head I thought he was a wimp but then I found out it’s because he didn’t want the ring to fly out of his pocket! We went back into the Hogsmeade Village and I asked to take a picture in front of the train. My sister tagged along (even though she’s pregnant and couldn’t ride anything and now I know why!) and started snapping pics. Next thing I know, Chris is getting down on one knee in front of everyone. He said this short and sweet speech, I honestly barely remember what he said, I was just so shocked. But of course I said yes and reached to kiss him. People even started clapping and congratulating us! It was the best day ever!! We head back to New Jersey tomorrow and the planning will begin.

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