Winter Proposal; Maggie + Nate

This wedding proposal is the cutest proposal ever. The story is told by the photographer who caught the proposal on camera, Cassandra Eldridge.

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I honestly don’t even know where to begin. Maggie and Nate were complete strangers to me upon our email exchanges. She had found me through Alyssa + Kevin, whose wedding I photographed last June, and when she read on about the Valentine’s Day Discounted Session, she wanted to grab hold of the opportunity to have her relationship with Nate documented, ten-fold. 60 seconds after Maggie had hit “send” and our session was set for February 3rd, another email showed up in my inbox from Nate, subject line reading: “Proposal, shhh…”

I just about fell of my desk chair. This has been something I have wanted to documnet for SO long, and now that the opportunity was staring me in the face, I could hardly contain my excitement. Knowing that Maggie and Nate have a serious love for travel, Lindsey of KCreative Studio + I gathered sweet little details and maternials to make this a session that they would never forget. The beginning to a lifelong journey that was moments away.

When we arrived to a little spot I love to shoot at – on the Northside of Chicago which gives just a sliver of a view to the gorgeous, still blue Lake Michigan, I wrapped my arms so tight around Maggie who’s personality on paper, matched in person perfectly. She was the cutest thing I had ever seen. When I locked eyes with Nate, I so badly wanted to give him a little “wink, wink, nudge nudge” but I refrained and told him it was so nice to meet him (because it was) and we began walking to the spot. I went on and on about how these sessions work- explaining that “yes, the first 30 minutes are generally a little awkward, but that’s my job- to loosen you up, free your mind. To bring forth your inner lovebird and just have FUN.

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I also went on to explain that I always take individual photos first, you know, to apease the parents! (this isn’t true, I don’t start shoots off this way) but I needed to get Nate alone! So that’s exactly what I did. While Maggie hung back with Lindsey, Nate and I ventured over to a little hill. We discussed that the code would be “It’s really really nice out here,” when he was ready to get down on one knee and change both of their lives forever. As soon as I agreed, he handed me the ring which was tucked safely in my purse, and the session went on as normal (except I had massive butterflies the entire time!) These two, they were so easy to work with. They gravitated towards one another, keeping warm through hugs and laughter, and moved effortlessly through the freezeing cold temperatures. Each passing moment posing as a perfect capture through my lens. It was truly perfect.

As we hit a little stand still to move into our “next pose” – I hear Nate say, “It’s just so nice out here.” GO TIME! I almost lost my mind. Instead, I took the que from Lindsey as she calmly made her way to Maggie to “fix her hair and check her make up.” As I snuck around behind her, I carefully placed the ring in Nate’s hands, suggested they dance to no music, and that’s exactly what they did. Slowly they swayed back and forth to the sound of their own laughter and little whispers, and within seconds, I saw his body language change. He brought himself closer, whispered into her ear, and I heard him say “You know how much I love you, right?” Without having ANY idea, sweet Maggie melted into the words that Nate was saying to her. Standing still, not having much of an idea as to what was about to happen, Nate brought himself down to one knee, and asked Maggie to be his wife.

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It was more beautiful than I could have ever imagined. With Lindsey to my right, giving out quiet sobs – my knees were a pile of mush as I tried desperately to keep them buckled together to capture all of the amazing shots that were right in front of me. This whole day, it was everything I had hoped for these two people that started off as strangers, and quickly started to feel like friends. We celebrated the event with tight warm hugs, and a few more photos out on the gorgeous landscape. A mini engagement session of sorts!

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All I kept thinking to myself was, Maggie arrived here feeling grateful and proud that Nate was willing to do this with her. She arrived with her boyfriend. Maggie left, with a whole new outlook on her life. It had just changed forever. She left feeling grateful and proud that she would be standing next to Nate for the rest of her life. She left, with her fiance. How magical is that? Maggie and Nate, I am so beyond happy for the two of you, and I can’t thank you enough for allowing me to be a (small) part of this amazing day. I hope these images serve as a timeless reminder that your love, which started out as a story book romance, quickly turned into something of a fairy tale. Remember these moments during the length of your life-long journey, and allow them to bring you back to the beginning where it all began.

Photos and proposal story by Cassandra Eldridge Photography!

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