30+ Ideas for Winter Engagement Photos

While we’ve seen our fair share of dreamy engagement photos taken in the summer, there’s just something so magical about engagement photos taken with a winter-white background. Whether you’re looking for inspiration for winter engagement photos, trying to decide if you want to take your engagement photos in the winter, or just browsing, we’ve put together some of the dreamiest winter engagement photos to bring your chilly photoshoot dreams to life.

30+ ideas for winter engagement photos

Photo By VILD Photography
This photo is an absolute dream. It’s making all of our “ice princess” dreams come true. Looking for an elegant way to take your engagement photos in the snow? We suggest you glam it up with a tulle dress or skirt.

Photo By Danna Frost Photography
How festive is this?! Pull out your holiday sweaters and have fun with your photoshoot! You’re sure to get some fun candids, and there’s nothing prettier than a bright red sweater against a winter-white background.

Photo By Lena Mirisola Photography
Grab coffee, tea, or cider from your favorite local café. If it’s part of your daily routine, make it part of your engagement photos. And don’t forget to show off that bling! ;)

Photo By Amy Gibson
There’s nothing quite like a snowy photograph in black and white. Looking for an elegant twist on your engagement photographs? Try a few of them without color. You’d be surprised.

Photo By Preserve Studio
It’s not possible to have a bad engagement photoshoot in the snow. There’s just something so mystical about it. Our advice to you? Be candid and goofy with your partner. You’re sure to get the best shots this way.

Photo By Photos by Ciera
A fun fur coat!? Dancing in the snow!? Count us in. This style pose is such a fun way to add personality to your photos!

Photo By Rachel Campbell Photography
You’ve got to show off the engagement ring somehow, and we absolutely love the way they put it in the snow! Not only is it the perfect seasonal representation, but the snow in the shape of a heart has us swooning!

Photo By Rosencrown Photography
An elegant black dress and a simple plaid scarf. We’re in love.

Photo By Carved Tree Photography
Who said cowboys only existed in the warm southern weather!? ;) Regardless of weather, make sure what you’re wearing represents who you are as a couple!

Photo By Jonathan Allison Photography
Worried about the snow ruining your clothes, hair, or makeup? Don’t be. This photograph is absolute magic.

Photo By Maurizio Solis Broca
Bundle up with your other half and brave the cold. The outcome will make you so thankful that you did.

Photo By VILD Photography
Don’t forget to include your furry friend (if they’re fond of the cold!). After all, they’re part of your family, too!

Photo By Candace Sims Photography
Don’t be afraid to show off the love of your life. While you might feel reserved with a camera in your face, you’ll thank yourself later. Grab your favorite beanie and swoon over your partner for the photographer.

Photo By Brittany Lee Photography
Looking for an elegant way to take your engagement photos indoors? We suggest trying a hotel or wedding venue. Most of the time, they’ve already decorated for the holiday season. Love this photograph and want to see more from this proposal/engagement photoshoot? Click here.

Photo By Rachel Campbell Photography
Grab your other half and swing them around in the air. Your photographer is sure to capture the pure joy you’re feeling in the moment. Want to see more engagement photographs like this one? Read this couples full engagement story here.

Photo By Mountain Magic Media
Up-close and candid. The recipe for a great photograph.

Photo By Kira Whitney Photography
Pose in a local park. It’s sure to make for a stunning background with the snow on the ground.

Photo By LW Imaging
Grab a tartan or buffalo plaid blanket or poncho and show allllll the love to your sweetheart. Props if you can get a castle as the backdrop, like this couple did. ;)

Photo By From the Hip Photo
Is there anything more romantic than a cabin covered in snow? Absolutely not.

Photo By Candace Sims Photography
After all, it is football season! Rep your favorite team (or teams, if you and your partner are rivals!). ;) Grab your favorite jersey and beanie and show off your team pride!

Photo By Robb McCormick Photography
Including a holiday-red jacket, hat, or accessory in your snowy engagement photos? That’s a win from us. We loooove the way it stands out against the winter-white background.

Photo By Uttke Photography & Design
A perfect red lip and snowflake flurries: there isn’t a better combination for festive winter photographs.

Photo By Sparkle Photography
A snowfall, fireplace, and champagne? We can’t think of anything more romantic. Want to see Lindsey and Austin’s winter wonderland proposal? Click here.

Photo By Mountain Magic Media
If you and your partner fancy winter sports, why not include that in your engagement photos? Whether it be skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, or skating, show off your true selves!

Photo By Shannon Clark Photography
Don’t forget to get that perfect shot of your special engagement ring. After all, it is one of the most important symbols of your next chapter together.

Photo By Marianne Wiest
Think you’ve found the perfect winter-white snowy background? Let the view speak for itself in your engagement photographs. If you want to read this full snow-covered mountain proposal, click here.

Photo By Amanda Podesta Photography
A bottle of wine and your furry friend: the perfect recipe to keep you and your other half warm in the freezing temperatures.

Photo By Simply K Studios
Including mistletoe is a no-brainer. How cute and festive!? It adds the perfect touch of holiday cheer to these elegant engagement photos.

Photo By Jaye Kogut Photography
We love the idea of taking your engagement photos at a Christmas tree farm! It’s a great way to show off the beautiful winter season with or without a snow-covered ground!

Photo By Shauna Veasey Photography
A snow-covered mountain is one of the dreamiest backdrops for engagement photographs. Want to see this gorgeous snowy proposal? Click here.

Photography By Sophia Lemon
If your town has a festive light show, Christmas tree on display, or holiday decor spread throughout the neighborhoods, why not utilize them as props?! The Christmas lights in the background of this gorgeous photograph make it festive and cozy!

Photo By Images by EDI
Cozy up in a snowy “forest” setting with your holiday drink of choice.

Photo By Lena Mirisola Photography
Hold your loved one tight and wrap yourselves in a festive blanket. This blanket adds such a warm vibe to these engagement photos!

Photo By Photos by Ciera
Grab your festive PJ’s!!! How fun is this snowy pajama photoshoot!? We’re obsessed!

Photo By GarrenTee Photography
Like we mentioned before, you really can’t go wrong with a snowy cabin in the winter!

Photo By Amanda Podesta Photography
Bring out the bubbly and “clink” your glasses to a new chapter filled with love!

Photo By Lindsay King Photography
A branch of holly or an evergreen tree. Either choice is the perfect backdrop to show off your elegant engagement ring.

Photo By Photos by Ariel
How FUN!? A snowball fight for your engagement photos? We can’t think of anything more “in-the-moment” and unique!

Photo By Jen Winkeller Photography
Find the best holiday decor local to you and pose in front of it! If it’s known to be a busy town, we suggest going early in the morning or on a weekday! If you want to see this couples full proposal story, click here!

Photo By Lauren Rader Photography
There’s nothing more elegant than black and white engagement photographs. They’re classic and emotional. Want to see more of this engagement session in Central Park during the winter? Click here.

Photo By Radiance By Design
Want to show off your engagement ring in a unique way? Why not style it with a cozy, warm mug of hot chocolate? These engagement photographs were taken with the idea of a “hot chocolate picnic” in mind. Want to see more? Click here.

Photo By Camille Dexter Photography
We’ve mentioned the idea of including a festive red accessory in your photographs, but there’s nothing more elegant than winter-blues. Looking for more winter engagement photographs like this? Click here.

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