Winter and Jason

Engagement Proposal Ideas in StoneBridge Restaurant, Milford CT

How We Met

The story of how we met isn’t exactly exciting. We worked together at a restaurant/nightclub. Winter was working her way through nursing school and I had a second job as head of security. There was definitely an attraction between us but I have always flt that dating coworkers is a bad idea so I never asked her out. After about a year I was hired at another club and asked her out soon after.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in StoneBridge Restaurant, Milford CT

how they asked

I had the idea for the proposal and wanted to document the process so I began taking short clips of all the steps I was going through in preparation for the proposal. Once I purchased the ring I contacted the RumRunners (a popular local cover band) and explained what I wanted to do. They were in so we picked a date that was about three months away and I located a singing coach and started to practice. The link to the video I showed her of all the clips is below in the credit those who helped section.

Our Video

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Special Thanks

The RumRunners
Let me sing with them. Invited me to rehearsal to practice.