Winsor and Alexander

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I met Zander a little over a year ago while waitressing at Old Chicago. At first I was extremely timid when the idea of becoming “official” popped into my head. After getting to know Zander for a few months he proved to me he was worthy of me and I worthy of him. He brought me flowers when we first started seeing each other & quickly it started to become a regular thing. Every time my flowers would die there would be a new bouquet on the kitchen counter. He opened doors for me, did chores around my house when I didn’t expect him to, visited me at work & brought me anything that I had ever needed. Most people would tell me it was because we were in the “cupcake” phase but to this day Zander still treats me as if I have hung the moon.

A little over 3 months ago Zander told me that we would be attending a cousins wedding on July 28th & it was going to be fairly fancy. I didn’t think anything of it and did what I would normally do for a wedding and find a dress and some shoes for the occasion. On that day we drove up in the mountains of Petit Jean to the “wedding” and as we drove up I realized that there wasn’t a wedding when I saw large photos of each of us in frames and balloons at the end where the drop off was.

As we passed each picture he described the moments that we had with each other in each photo.

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I cried uncontrollably and shaked not being able to believe the surprise he had pulled off for me. After I said YES I realized all my family & best girls were there. He had even managed to get my dad & sister to drive down for the occasion and celebrate the day with us. After we left he had ANOTHER surprise for me at Old Chicago where everything started for us. It was a congrats party in a private room full of decorations and food. I couldn’t have picked a better God fearing, loyal man. I thank God everyday.

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Special Thanks

Amanda Donovan
 | Photographer