Windy and John

Image 1 of Windy and John

How We Met

We met through our common friend almost 8 years ago.

How They Asked

My name is Windy and my fiancé is John. We got engaged on Christmas Day of 2019. I had no idea at all! We have been together for almost 8 years now. When he proposed, we just hit our 7th year of dating. In 2018, we got our first home together here in VA. We had to celebrate our Christmas in CA that year because John’s family had a family reunion—so our what would have been first Christmas at our home—didn’t happen until last year. We decided to host the dinner at our humble home. We invited both of our families. John invited his closest friends. Days leading to the Christmas Day until the day of—I was so busy running errands and making sure everything was perfect. I had no idea that his friends knew! He had asked for my dad’s permission the day before! When it was time for gift giving, John made it to a point that I was the last one to open the gifts. I will never forget when I was handed a big box—it was so light! So I knew whatever was inside wasn’t big—but what I didn’t know was—it was going to be the biggest surprise of my life! When I opened the box, there was a note saying “Windy, Will You Marry Me?”. I hurriedly looked for the ring inside the box but when I turned my eyes to John—he was already about to get on his knee with the most beautiful ring I have ever seen in my life. All eyes on us. My eyes? Just on John’s and the ring! I was so shocked. I can’t believe it! It was a dream come true! My parents were never married so John knows that it has always been my dream to get married. Everyone was cheering for us. John’s dad was jumping in joy. I was in shocked for the entire week! Haha. It was indeed the most memorable Christmas for me!