William and Karlee

How We Met

We met at a High School event that both of our schools participated in. We dated throughout High School and carried our relationship into College.

how they asked

We have both worked with a local photographer, Ethan DeGree, modeling for commercial shoots when needed. William knew he wanted Ethan to capture the proposal, so he and Ethan came up with the idea together.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Bismarck, North Dakota

Ethan asked me to model some bridesmaid/cocktail dresses for a photo shoot to promote a local bridal store called White Lace Bridal. I had done a shoot similar to this in the past and was happy to do it. During the shoot, I was posing and heard someone walking behind me.

William and Karlee's Engagement in Bismarck, North Dakota

To my surprise, I turned around to find William walking towards me. The next thing I knew, William was on one knee asking me to marry him. It was the best surprise and a special moment we will cherish forever.

William's Proposal in Bismarck, North Dakota

Where to Propose in Bismarck, North Dakota

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Bismarck, North Dakota

After the proposal, I changed into a different dress and Ethan took some photos of us as a newly engaged couple.

Special Thanks

Ethan DeGree
Anne Cleary
Bridal Store Owner that provided the dresses
Lexi Klein
Hair stylist for the photoshoot