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How We Met

BJ and I are a (successful) Tinder love story. We met on the Tinder app in November, 2016 and had been texting on and off. After a few cancelled dates and not meeting each other for months, BJ invited me to a Chris Brown concert in April, 2017. He had an extra 100-level ticket and offered it to me – being the music lover I am, I could not say no! We had the best time at the concert, bonded instantly, and the rest is history…

How They Asked

On August 3rd, my longterm boyfriend, BJ pulled off the most incredible proposal. I had bought us tickets to see Khalid in concert for our anniversary. He invited about 15 of our friends to come join us. Prior to the concert, BJ wanted to get pictures at the National Mall in Washington, DC. Me, not thinking too much of it (since our good friend, Morgan, loves taking pictures), agreed. When we got there, all of his guy friends took a group picture, then the girls took a group picture, and finally individual couple photos. We took a couples picture with BJ’s roommate, Ryan and his girlfriend, Rebekah. Rebekah had the ring in her purse and BJ was able to stick his hand behind my back and into her purse as we were taking the picture (I didn’t feel a thing!). Once BJ got the ring, we then took a picture of just him and I as he held the ring behind his back. A few pictures were snapped, and he whispered into my ear, “Look behind my back” – being the jokester BJ is, I gave him a “wtf” look but took a quick glance to see that he had a ring box. I immediately started sobbing and he then got on one knee to ask me.

The surprise was not over! After BJ had proposed, all of my closest friends and our moms came running down the steps of the Lincoln Memorial screaming and celebrating. I was completely shocked! We then all took pictures and enjoyed the moment together. We then went to a bar to celebrate, the Khalid concert, and even had an after party at our house where BJ surprised me yet again with a fully decorated house and even a 30 minute engagement video that had a compilation of short videos from our closest friends, family, and even some celebrities wishing us congratulations and well wishes! It was the most incredible day and it wouldn’t have been possible without the help of all of our friends and family.

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