Willa and Johnny

How We Met

In 2017, I was tired of dealing with the same type of guys I had been dealing with they I happened to meet soI took a chance and started looking online. Well, a friend of mine told me to go to PoF (Plenty of Fish) website and see what I came up with from there. Of course, I was skeptical but I tried it anyway to see if I would meet up with someone interesting.

Well, I did and the first time we talked, he didn’t say the norm. “Hey beautiful”, What’s up sexy” or the worse I have ever heard, “You are sexy as f***, you should let me come hit that!” Yes, I really got guys on my message board to say this to me. I was almost fed up and was close to giving the middle finger to dating altogether. But this one was a perfect gentleman. He asks me what my likes and dislikes were, he cared about me as a person even though he didn’t know me yet, so I continued to talk to him daily.

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We talked every day through text messages, phone conversations, we friended each other on social media. For the next 6 months, it even got so great that we began praying for and with one another on a daily basis, even praying for each other’s children and became great friends but NEVER MET IN PERSON!! We always made plans to go work out together, have dinner at each other’s homes but it never went the way we planned. Either he had something come up with his children or, at the time I owned a beauty salon, so I was always bombarded with clients. But even though all of this was going on, it never stopped us from talking, having the best laughs and even staying in touch.

In September for my 40th birthday, I was feeling pretty down due to things that were going on around that time, he sent me a text letting me know that he had changed his number. I was still shocked because yes we were friends, but my thought was he was a man, he probably moved on with another woman, so for me to get the new number was still cool that he thought about me. Since I had to work that particular weekend, he asked to meet up finally and hang out.

I said of course and I was glad to be in his company since he’s always been so nice to me over these past few months. I actually liked being in his presence and his company was warm and inviting. Fortunately but unfortunately, I was offered a job to start traveling and had to leave for Connecticut the following week. He was a little sad I had to go, but he was supportive. In my mind, I felt “out of sight, out of mind”, I would leave and he would move on. That was no the case. He kept in touch with me every day. Checked on me throughout the day and made sure I was safe in my new surroundings.

In November, he came out to visit and we took the train to New York and had an amazing time. When I went home to Chicago for Christmas, he was back home in Indiana with his family and invited me over for dinner. Shocked and amazed, I headed out to meet his family and the introduction is given was not only mind-blowing but sealed the deal for us to be official as a couple.

How They Asked

I am an Author and I was on tour with The Art of Transparency so for this particular stop, we were doing a Mother’s Day Brunch. I had just come home the day before from one of my traveling assignments and as I was getting dressed for the brunch, I screamed to Johnny, “Baby, I want to be floored this weekend!!” He responded with, “Ok babe.” While he was playing his game on his PS4. Little did I know, this day would go down in history as one of my favorite Mother’s Day ever!!

The brunch was going great. I finished telling my story and giving the flowers to my God-mom, best friend and (now that I know) my future mother-in-law. Johnny got up to do, what I thought was his closing praying which he does at most of the tour stops, turned out to be a surprise to me. He asked me to come stand by his side while he told the story of how he had wronged women in the past and that day he was going to make it right. He turned to me and go down on one knee and I lost it!! I was not expecting this. I told him to floor me but he literally took the rug from underneath me with this surprise!!

For the past 4 months, he planned and plotted with my children, my sisters, my tour sisters, especially Mikkita Moore, (who is now our wedding planner) and my best friend Valerie. And he did all of this while I was away at work traveling. He said it was the easiest proposal plan ever because I was never home to hear all the conversations, he didn’t have to sneak around and do everything and I was oblivious of all the plans he was making for me.

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