Kristi and Christian's Proposal with "Will You Marry Me" Cupcakes

Christian had always joked around and said “we’ll get engaged in 2020” and my answer always included an eye roll and “whatever, I’m not going anywhere anyway”… which was true!

On Friday, November 29, 2013, it was Black Friday. Christian and I were working in the Brick Nutrishop and for all I knew it was just another day. I was feeling under the weather and Christian was acting a little sillier than usual, but I thought nothing of it. I had just completed a Paleo Challenge and we had plans to get cupcakes after work! No sickness could keep me from getting cupcakes from Confections Of A Rockstar!

After work we went back to our apartment to “get ready”, Christian mentioned we may get dinner AFTER cupcakes in order to make sure I was dressed for “the occasion”. Since I wasn’t feeling very good what normally takes me about an hour to get ready, took me only 5 minutes. Little did I know this wasn’t part of Christian’s plan so he proceeded to “stall”. First he changed his pants about three times, which I was so confused about because he wears one pair of jeans for almost everything. And then he “went to the bathroom” and just sat in there (which I found out later). Not feeling very well I was wondering what in the world he was doing because normally he wishes I would get ready in 5 minutes and when I actually do, HE is taking forever!

Eventually I asked “do we even have plans?!!” He got giddy, smiled, sat down on the couch and said “yes”.

I asked, “why are you sitting on the couch, let’s go!”.

At this point it was late and my runny nose was causing me to want to go out quick and get to bed early. Since I was being persistent, we left our apartment and I was happy to finally be on my way to eat cupcakes! When he took a wrong turn, I was again, confused. I asked, “ARE WE EVEN GETTING CUPCAKES?!”, Christian patiently said “yes, we just have to make one quick stop” and smiled. Of course he was stalling some more, but we stopped at Wegmanns, told me to wait in the car and came back with a bouquet of sunflowers. Even more confused than ever, but very gratefully (and very sick) I was happy he thought to get flowers because I wasn’t feeling well.

So off we went, finally to Confections Of A Rockstar! We parked, started to walk up and I immediately got the hiccups, Christian thought I knew (I didn’t). We walk in, I walk right passed the recording camera, and go to order my favorite cupcakes! Christian interrupts and says, “pick up for Christian”. Now I’m just lost, not sure what is going on, wondering what in the world are we doing tonight that he is picking up cupcakes!! I wanted to pick out my own!

Kim, the owner of Confections Of A Rockstar, goes in the back, gets the box of cupcakes, rings him up and hands him the box. He turns around, and I am just starring blankly at him. He asks “can you make sure these are right?”. I listen, take the box from his hands, open the lid and read the words “WILL YOU MARRY ME” written beautifully on 4 cupcakes.

I let go of the lid to see Christian down on one knee and immediately I start to cry, covering my mouth with pure shock! It’s not 2020 and this is really happening! After asking if he was joking, him saying no, and finally getting the words “will you marry me” out, I screamed “YES OF COURSE”!

Out from the back of the store come Chad, Kiirstin & Turi (Christian’s brother, his wife and Christian’s sister), they were there the whole time and had set up the camera to film the whole thing! Christian points to the camera that has been recording since they walked in. We signed the wall of fame, took many pictures and the rest is history!!

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