Will and Allie

How We Met

It all started at what we call the greatest school of all time, Texas A&M University (Whoop!). The education that we received at the University was fantastic, but we now recognize meeting the person you’re going to spend the rest of your life with far exceeds the diploma that was given to us in 2015.

Our story begins as two sophomores in college. We knew of each other through mutual friends and had been around each other at several different events in the spring of 2013. That summer, Will was in West Texas working on drilling rigs, and Allie was working at a tech startup company in Dallas, TX. Believe it or not, our friendship started off through snapchat (yes we are millennials). We would snap pictures of our offices (or rig floor) and what we were doing during the summer. Once summer came to an end, Allie was on her Sorority’s rush team at A&M and Will decided to head back to school to get prepared for the school year. That’s when our small conversations turned into a few dates! Will was just the gentleman that Allie had always dreamed of having. His hard work ethic and strong morals had impressed Allie. Will saw in Allie grace, beauty, intelligence, and a woman who loved The Lord well; he quickly knew she was a keeper. Our dating life continued to be intentional, consistent, and emulated the dating life we both had yearned for throughout the rest of college.

Our college days were filled with memories of going to football games together, school events, late nights on campus, many day dates in between classes, and loving others through our relationship. May of 2015 crept up on us and Will decided to accept a job in Midland and Allie chose a job in Dallas. That was when we decided our relationship was worth the distance and our dependence on the Lord had had to grow even stronger. Shortly after college, we both knew we were headed towards the road of marriage; we focused on tying up loose ends and logistically planning our lives converging (in other words, convincing Allie that Midland would be a great place to start a marriage).

how they asked

Through the long distance and all our weekends together planned, I thought that I could pin point the few weekends that Will would potentially propose. Will maintained such a strong story; I was convinced that it was going to happen in September. Father’s Day Weekend 2017 we were supposed to be in our separate cities; my girlfriends and I had planned a fun fancy dinner for that Friday night. A few days prior Brittany, my twin, decided to text me about getting drinks before dinner. Brittany made up a funny story about how she received a bonus at work and wanted to buy drinks for me (it took some serious convincing to get me to dress up and get drinks with my sister because I was upset Will would not be in town). Without hesitation (okay, a little hesitation), I said yes and so drinks were on.

Will came into Dallas that morning, leaving Midland around 4am after getting stuck in an extreme storm on the highway the night before. He met with the photographers that day at Lakeside off Turtle Creek and picked the perfect place to propose. Evening came and Brittany and I went to the restaurant. Not thinking anything of the night, I was excited about quality time with my sister. On the way back to meet my friends, Brittany decided to take a different route. Pulling along lakeside, I could see Will standing on the curb waiting for me (beaming). What a heart stopping moment that was for both of us.

In complete shock, Will gracefully took my hand and walked me through the park. We sat on the bench, which unbeknownst to me, had a plaque engraved with “Will you Marry Me?” We had a conversation about our weeks and things that each of us had prayed about at that time. At the conclusion of our conversation, my heart and mind still raced with thoughts about what was potentially about to happen. Not knowing what was still going on, I watched Will look at his watch and then tell me that it was time for dinner. Thinking that was an odd gesture, I stood up and started walking. That’s when Will grabbed my hand and slowly pulled me off of the sidewalk. In reaction to this gesture, I quickly shouted, “William, what are you doing?” as he was trying to perfectly scooch me under the tree he had picked to propose under (imagine an awkward side shuffle). Then moments later, setting me in the perfect position, he got down on one knee and asked for my hand in marriage. An image neither of us will ever forget.

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Will and Allie's Engagement in Highland Park, Dallas, TX

After asking me to marry him and taking a few pictures with the photographers, Will then surprised me with a group of our friends and families at a local bar in Deep Ellum. There, we were celebrated and loved so well by all our guests that had come from all over the state. We are so excited to get married in April of 2018! #FinallieTindol

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Highland Park, Dallas, TX

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