Whittni and Troy

How We Met

Troy and Whittni have a very unique story, we wouldnt call it high school sweethearts though! Troy and Whittni have the same birthday, always recognized each other in public although, they never associated. Whittni was in a bad situation when she met Troy, Troy helped her threw the entire thing, never left her side, he was her support, her back bone. Troy made Whittni feel incredible!! As time went on, their love grew, grew so big and so strong. 6 months went by and Troy brought up the idea to Whittnis friends, they were all for it. Whittni deserved this man. The big question was going to be popped when the new year ball dropped in New York, although they got set back troy was bound to make it happen, whittni is his best friend. Troy drove Whittni to Bangor where he had to pick up her ring.

how they asked

Bar Harbor was the destination they were headed! As they got there it was chilly, the sand bar was open and Whittni is all about the island! They exit their vehicle and walk to the sand bar, whittni starts to get cold she faces her car ( thinking about going back because its SO cold) she turns around and Troy proposes to her!! It was such a bitter sweet moment for everyone around.

Image 1 of Whittni and Troy