Whitney and Shea

Whitney's Proposal in Family dinner

How We Met

We met on a dating app believe it or not! I was up early for work playing a game to wake myself up. There was an add for Skout, I had seen it before and figured why not? I had been single for five years so I took a chance! Later in the day, I check back into it and sure enough, Shea sent me a “Wink”! We started talking after that and he asked me out on a date about a week later. I was extremely nervous, come to find out he was too but it went really well! We laughed a lot and never ran out of things to talk about. I’m incredibly happy I took a chance on that dating app! I can’t imagine my life turning out any other way.

how they asked

Shea and I had been together almost 5 years when he proposed. It was a few weeks before April when his father suggested a family BBQ, it would be the first time we all got together as one family. I wasn’t suspicious, I thought it was finally time we all got together and had some fun! The day was set for April 1st, 2017. Yes, April fools day and I thought maybe there would be some sort of jokes to be played. Like someone won the lottery and are moving to Hawaii. However, it was the only day we all could come together, as everyone has a busy life to live and some live far away. We all start to gather at his dad’s house. My family, his family, and some friends.

We had brisket, sausages, sides that went on for days and I made my Banana Bread cheesecake. While waiting for the food to finish Shea’s mom suggested we all play the Game of Life. We are big board game players around here! So we all team up, Shea and I, his sisters team up, and his brother and brother in law team up. As we all know, you start by going to school and getting a career. I don’t remember what we got but I know his brothers got the upper hand. We finally come to the carriage stop and all I can think about it getting that bonus money. Shea taps my shoulder over and over as I keep saying “We need to get our money Shea, we have to win!”. Everyone is staring at me so I look over at Shea and he is on his knee with the most amazing ring.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Family dinner

All I can think is “It’s April fools day, this can’t be happening, who’s ring is that?!”. I can feel my face start to go flush from confusion and as he asks me to Marry him my face becomes redder than an apple! I was so shocked and happy I couldn’t even talk or cry. How they all kept this secret from me for at least months is beyond me. It was the perfect way for us to become engaged. I just wish I had been dressed up for the photos afterward! I still have the car and little people we played the game with. My little reminder of the start of our own Game of Life.